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  1. PWNED by the british again, rule Britannia!!!
  2. No no no, to become a member you have to hack the Gibson!
  3. sorry here is where i got the links form
  6. XFce4 rocks and is my favourite!
  7. I agree about the benifits of open source, the point i was trying to make is that phlak has brought a lot of ideas to the table and it should be given credit for that fact and not be dismissed because it is a bit "buggy". I find phlak very user friendly all the tools are well documented, XFce4 desktop is sweet it also has pdfs&txts on security related subjects this all adds to it having a more rounded feel.
  8. Planktonitus look at the original std, look at the original phlak now look at the updated std and tell me what conclusion you come to?
  9. phlax 0wns std! Its better and more ORIGINAL in my opinion its the best live cd out at the moment. * boo! sits back 9mm in hand waiting for the std boys to arrive*
  10. Grab your cds and start burning!!! they have released a new iso of std.
  11. I like phlak because it has loads of tools to learn about they are well documented in my opinion it is better than knoppix std i have to take my hat off to the people behind it they are doing a great job. Here is a list of all the tools it has for me its all about learning and with this live-cd i find it a great hellp.
  12. PHLAK a great live-cd for learning about security/insecurity get it you will be pleased you did!
  13. I have been trying out phlak and it rocks!!!! I belive a newer version will be released this weekend!
  14. Thanks for the link White_Raven
  15. Register your protests