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  1. Hey folks - following a schedule of quarterly releases, here's the October issue of GNY Zine. We packed it full of some cool stuff this issue, so hopefully something sparks your interest.,%20Issue%202.txt So, like last time, any comments, suggestions, or criticisms? Also, make sure to contact us if you're interested in submitting content for future issues! Thanks!
  2. I get this (attached). I'm calling over voipbuster and am unsure of what exit pstn # I'm calling with This is the number it dtmf's out: 166#43#7112569#1200 whaa.mp3 BITCHES DON'T KNOW BOUT MY 7-1-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ahoy, It took a lot of hard work, but we pulled it together! You can read the first issue of the Go Null Yourself e-zine in all its sexiness at or in textfile format at,%20Issue%201.txt (in case you don't have Courier New installed). We have lots of interest in releasing future editions so far, and I have some neat ideas on how we can really expand it. Also, feel free to submit content for the next issue! Any comments, suggestions, criticisms? We'd love some feedback, both positive and negative. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm 12. What is a phone?
  5. Yeah, I saw that too the other night. From what I heard, though, they don't actually provide access through that number; it's more of an information line. Everything is through the web interface now. (I think)
  6. I did a password reset on my account and saw that the email was from This should be changed to a.. more suitable address, lol. Also, have the user define a new password on the webpage, not send a new one in plaintext via email.
  7. The same thing happened to Connecticut a few days ago
  8. Hey guys, Scanaday apparently died for a little while, but I think it's time to revive it. dual passed the site off to me, so it's now hosted at I've uploaded all of my own scans (about 30 of them), and a few more are on the way. Hopefully we can pump some life back into this project, whatddya say?
  9. This is just stupid. I'm requesting a lock or deletion
  10. If I am correct, Scanaday is supposed to be such a project, which I am currently heading. However, I'm still waiting for dual to complete transfer of everything, and contacting him is proving to be difficult...
  11. 'Oy there. Can anyone recognize what this number is? It picks up after about 10 or so rings. 1-909-390-0048 Recording:
  12. Thar we go ^
  13. Ditto ^ There's a free service that provides a "disposable" number that lets you forward to your real number for anonymity... but I forget what it was called! It is out there somewhere, though.
  14. You are so sexy. <3
  15. huh, I've found a few of those on random 800s myself. A RESPORG says they're provided by Level3 Communications. Maybe there's a company that buys a bulk rate of 800s from them and just puts that message on there to reserve them until someone buys them? I would think that they'd put an advertisement on it, then, but who knows.