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  1. Thank you! Now I can properly program the phone again, and go through with my plan to set up a pedestal in my driveway
  2. Hi! A couple years ago, I had downloaded a copy of the Expressnet files from the "COCOT software" thread (from thoughtphreaker.omghax site) but I ended up accidentally deleting the files. Does anyone have a copy of the archive files, since the thoughtphreaker site happens to be down. I have tried a couple times, over the last couple days and the site appears to be down long-term, since I am just getting a Cloudflare 522 error. If thoughtphreak is reading this, is this your site, and if so, do you have the files available anywhere? Thanks! [real name buhleeted] (AKA "wembley" - I forgot that I had used my old phreak handle when I signed up here!)
  3. Hi! Ihave ummm..... "acquired" a TSG Gemini GSIII electronic chassis board from a "hybrid" cocot that Verizon had, which alllowed their payphones to use coin control from the CO on local calls, but would act like a COTOC to allow you to dial long distance numbers which would be routed over a toll-free number after AT&T got out of the payphone business. This is one of those phones that would say "Thank you for using Verizon" or "Thank you for using the MBTA" after you dial a call. Anyway, I have one, and I have it connected up, but whenver I try to dial a call, it says "restricted only 911" and doesnt let the call go through. I'd like to find someone that has a copy of the manuals (or phreaking notes!) or maybe the software so I can program the phone. The board is a "TSG GEMINI" board, model 4032-GSIII As I understand it, the software is called "coinnet" - does anyone have a copy of this software? I'd like to see if I can set it up on the wall of my office....