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  1. Could you post the output of dmesg and iwconfig? Also, a bit more info about the wireless internet card would behelpful. Is it USB? Internal? PCMCIA? The model will help us determine the chipset as there are quite a few different ones! If it's USB we'll need the output of lsusp Internal? Then lspci PCMCIA? Then please provide lspcmcia See the pattern? Lastly, what do you mean by "Recognizes it, but never fully connects?" Are you saying it's detected and works but you are just unable to get internet connectivity? Those wireless cards and links can sure be tricky! -Dr^ZigMan
  2. A new hard drive might not be a bad idea. Personally I have two 250 GB HD's in a raid array with the computer's total at 600 GB's and I even manage to fill that up! I can't really link you to a hard drive though as I don't know your system specs (SATA or whatnot) but they are pretty cheap right now. I'd say you could get a 500 GB'er for about $110 bucks plus shipping. You might also want to pick up a DVD burner. There are so many out there you should be able to pick one up cheap as well. Other then that your specs don't seem too bad. Are you looking to do something resource intensive like video editing or is this just your main machine? That's what really determines where you want to spend the cash. -Dr^ZigMan
  3. As for the pronunciation of linux... Stright from the, err, horses mouth And the key logger you'll have to take up with the author. Good luck! -Dr^ZigMan
  4. Any Turing Complete language can do anything another language can do. The trick is in finding a language that makes it easy to do the type of stuff you like to do... Big fan of scripting and data mining? Use perl! Like system programming and networking? Use C! Intrested in microprocessors? Use ASM! etc, etc... So I think the real question is what is the best language FOR YOU. Think about what you want to do with it then ask the question again To be honest, once you've learned one language you can pick up others pretty fast. Learning C took me about 6 months, but then I learned C++ in one, perl in one, C# in a week, php in like a day, the list goes on and on. -Dr^ZigMan
  5. Larbin is probably what you are looking for. It has already implemented a full bot and has some default stuff in storage implemented as well. The nice thing is that you can code up your own way of handling a page too in case you want to dump it to a DB or something. Just an added note be sure you are "kind" to other web servers and only crawl them every once and awhile, also check the last modified tags. Larbin does all of this for you so I recommend it. Hope that helps! -Dr^ZigMan
  6. So, in case you haven't heard of him Bo Burnham writes satire and funny stuff. He sings it while he plays guitar or piano on you tube. Please keep in mind that some of the lyrics are NOT SAFE FOR WORK... Quite humorous if I do say so myself! -Dr^ZigMan
  7. No surprise, the main xml is too large to be parsed, I'll have to break it up into smaller pieces... I'll update when it's all done. -Dr^ZigMan
  8. Ok, the parser is running. No telling how long it will take to finish, but it's set to output a separate file for each matching record. That means as it runs I can pull the matching records out and drop them over at doc droppers. If it turns out to be way more then I can handle then I'll either script it or make it web accessible so everyone can help out. Keep your fingers crossed! -Dr^ZigMan
  9. Alright, playing off of the earlier idea about downloading a wiki dump I have done just that. The parser is ready to go, the dump is downloaded, but the xml file is about 13G so I'd like to try to parse it as few times as possible. To that end I'm trying to compile a list of terms to search for. In an attempt to make the human sorting easier at the expensive of cycles I am using exact word matching, the current list contains... And I'm going to open things up for a day or two for anyone who has more words to add to the list. So please, any ideas feel free to drop um! I'm going to try to make this work such that it directly interfaces with doc droppers and, if it's ok with the administration, possibly create a new category where people can just go through that category and speedy delete things that don't belong or recategorize those that do. Thoughts? -Dr^ZigMan
  10. Without getting into a long drawn out explanation, when connecting to an access point you don't control even SSL can't be trusted. You are on a network that someone else controls so man it the middle attacks are very possible. That being said at least with SSL you aren't broadcasting unencrypted. I suppose it's better then nothing. Bottom line, don't do anything you wouldn't want Johnny Law looking over your shoulder on at an open access point. It might not be a bad idea to find the terms of use for your access point either. Panera Bread has free wifi and they have a few pages of what they do and do not keep track of. Good luck! -Dr^ZigMan
  11. Here's a link saying that certain scans simply don't work with 10.4.10 wireless drivers... http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/137/4...2/30/0/threaded Have you tried other types of scans? -Dr^ZigMan
  12. I'm not certain if this will fix it, but try running it as root instead of using sudo. Does that resolve the issue? -Dr^ZigMan
  13. http://support.nortel.com/go/main.jsp?csca...N&poid=8333 I believe this page has what you are looking for. Often times the manufacturer's site is the way to go! Please let me know if I misunderstood what it was you needed. -Dr^ZigMan
  14. In a word, Yes! Here is an example of a menu I made for a class program... cout << "+==========================================+" << endl; cout << "| Main Menu |" << endl; cout << "| |" << endl; cout << "| insert - Inserts a new record. |" << endl; cout << "| retrive - Retrives an existing record. |" << endl; cout << "| delete - Logically deletes a record. |" << endl; cout << "| quit - Exits the program. |" << endl; cout << "+==========================================+" << endl << endl; cout << "Enter Command: "; Sure you could jazz it up with fancy ASCII if you like, but I tend to like the clean and clear type of stuff. Hope that helps! -Dr^ZigMan
  15. I'm not entirely sure about your specific problem but I dug up this old thread about issues compiling dnsiff with slackware... dsniff, compilation errors solved! That has me and tehbizz hacking out a fix for the then broken version of dsniff. There are a few links to patched versions and the like. You should try compiling from source and see where that gets you, then we'll just tackle the errors one at a time. Are you certain you have all the dependencies? <forgive me if I've said anything silly, I'm not a mac user> Dr^ZigMan
  16. Ok depending on the type of traffic you are trying to pass there are several ways to get through this... For http traffic I'd recommend any of a million web proxies (huge list at Proxy.Org) For non http traffic you'll probably have to do some proxy chaining if they are filtering by IP address instead of port. It all depends on exactly what is filtered! I hope that answers your question. Please let me know if I can provide anything more specific. -Dr^ZigMan
  17. I think I speak for a few of us when I say I'm not really sure what it is you are trying to do. I apologize for misunderstanding, but perhaps if you could reiterate what your goal is we could provide you with a little bit better assistance? Are you looking for a web proxy to get around filters or is this something else? -Dr^ZigMan
  18. While I don't have a specific product to recommend I felt I should mention one thing... If you are planning to use this "Wireless Phone Jack" to allow you to use a dialup modem in a room where no phone jack exists be prepared to get connection speeds no faster then 9600 Baud. I learned this the hard way! Be sure to read the packaging as some wireless jacks will allow slightly faster or slightly slower speeds. Good luck finding what you are looking for! -Dr^ZigMan
  19. Hotmail does not support pop3 email access. Here is a link to an article about it and to what you can do about it if you really want pop3 from hotmail (Involves a subscription service). If you would like to switch to gmail then you would use... Do not forget that you must first turn on support for pop with gmail. The instructions of how to do so are located here. -Dr^ZigMan
  20. Proxy.org List Many many many proxies register with proxy.org and the Baron maintains several lists. Hope that helps! -Dr^ZigMan
  21. I've actually compiled vim from source on solaris and still had similar issues. Bah, I probably mucked something up while doing it Another awesome feature of solaris is how well it handles mpi based applications. Nothing quite says poweruser like a cluster to do your bidding! As for the reliability, I can't say I 100% agree with that as we've had our servers go down quite a bit but again that must just reflect upon the system admins. If I had to bottom line it for you I'd say this. If you really want to learn about how nix works and dig in deep it's a terrific operation system. However solaris is rather unforgiving and finding people with similar issues (i.e. googling error messages, my personal favorite past time) will be more difficult as it's not a ubiquitous as other OS's. If this is your first foray into the world of nix you might be better off with something with a little lighter of a learning curve. That being said don't be afraid to experiment, worst case you reformat and slap something else on your hardware. Good Luck! -Dr^ZigMan
  22. The student servers run solaris, it's not a bad OS. My main complaint is that it vi doesn't seem to work properly. I can't use the arrow keys, it enters strange characters, same thing with end/home/pg up/pg down etc. Other then that, if you go with it be prepared to compile everything from source. It'll be a great learning experience for your -Dr^ZigMan
  23. Wow you are totally right... The last time I looked at a pst was quite some time ago! -Dr^ZigMan
  24. egrep "\w+([._-]\w)*@\w+([._-]\w)*\.\w{2,4}" * >>email_addrs.txt egrep on a windows box? Some googling turned up... FindStr.exe for windows Blog About It And a suite of unix tools for windows Here That way you can use egrep on windows. In regards to... The wikipedian in me says "Assume good faith" and as such I try to. Hopefully by setting a good example we can steer an individual away from the darkside... -Dr^ZigMan
  25. A big part of "Hacking" is the art of Social Engineering. This really is an art, as it is the ability to sweet talk your way out of trouble and into getting others to help you out. Just the fact that the ISP was willing to do something like this for you is amazing. In the US we have ISP's that spoof half of a torrent download and send RST's to you, your ISP seems to actually wish to provide a service to you. You're use of profanity was really uncalled for and made the situation not only tense but also jeopardized your request actually being fulfilled. I hope you learned a lesson from this. In the future, a few ounces of politeness and common courtesy will go a lot farther then anything else. People want to help out other people, it's their nature, however if you make their life difficult they don't want to do squat for you. I understand that to you these people represent the faceless company, but they are still people and they know how their systems work. Let them fight for you, ask them how they are doing, and thank them! They'll go to bat for you every time. When I was doing support I despised people who were rude and their tickets went straight to the bottom. People who said please and thank you always got the best service. Keep that in mind next time you need a favor, and that's exactly what this was, from someone. -Dr^ZigMan