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  1. Ok, so there a windows xp computer, running SP3. Attached to the USB is a serial/usb adapter which is running to a DIGIAC 3000 as part of an A-level electronics course. When the programing software is run, it generates the error: Check cables; Communication/Power error - or something along those lines. I can't remember exactly. On the DIGIAC is a pic micro controller, on a development board. Could anyone shed some light on how to fix it, or point me towards some manuals or something?
  2. Has anyone ever had one of these? are they any good? I recently bought one off ebay for £30, and i'm wondering if i could have some sort of review before decide to keep it or give it as a prezzie. Also if anyone had a pdf of the manual, i would much appreciate it if you emailed it to me. Or send me a link to a public one Thanks, Davie
  3. Augmented Reality, A Practical Guide, anyone got it?? i need 9 words from it On page 66, last line: "Here, the..." what 3 words follow? On page 71, second line: "...ples. In this book, we have..." what 3 words follow? On page 94, second last line: "...you need to do is..." what 2 words follow? thanks in advance
  4. Then chances are you're just demodulating fast scan television which is FM. http://www.dxzone.com/catalog/Operating_Modes/Amateur_Television/ ill just ask him to explain in physics lol. thanks anyways
  5. not sure what modulation, my physics teacher recomendid it to me instead of a tesla coil XD he said something about recieving video feeds, if that helps
  6. can anyone post a good tutorial on how to make a 2.4ghz microwave reviever, and how to use it?
  7. ive sent you a pm
  8. holy crap!! best deal ive ever seen!!
  9. i got it naw, some mod close this topic please?
  10. ta for tha, thats pretty much wa i wanted lol. by the way, if i had MSN+, and set a password on the chat logs, and forgot said password, would there be a chance of a tool that can crack the password protected chat logs? (directed towards all, i dnt wanna waste forum space )
  11. ChromeOS or Android? Why a "must not be Linux" restriction? That pretty much excludes the best options for what you're looking for. i wanted it to install within xp, like an application.
  12. okay, i want to have a better looking OS, but there are some rules it must adhear to. *It must install over xp, without uninstalling xp *it must run on less than 1gb ram *it must not be linux *it must look good, and have functionality so im thinking, something that looks like a netbook OS, but runs like a fullscreen browser. it has access to all my files and programs and has it all neatly presented. anyone know of such a thing?
  13. Has just realised that the Fux0red gallery can be fixed by changin the theme back to the old one

  14. I no longer have the PotD file, i re-formated and forgot to backup :S
  15. is it possibly to trace someones family tree for FREE(no trials)