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  1. Blingo is a search engine that uses Google's cache, therefore the results are the same, although it randomly gives you prizes, and accepts up to 10 valid searches a day (while having the same amount of ads as Google). My friend won TWO PSP's with this, so I thought it'd be cool to do a referral ring here at Binrev, like they do at Something Awful (where we each sign up under the person above us). Just sign up using the link above you, and then post your own referral link (it's emailed to you). \\ Edit: Alright I'm signed up. Next on the ring, is... So everyone sign up under him until someone posts another referral link. ;p
  2. I don't really like to use the term 'hacker' to classify people, rather, to classify communities. It only leads to 'omfg im a l33t0rz h4x0r'.
  3. I guess this thread was started by a bitter IE user. You don't see people posting links to all of the IE exploits.
  4. It still is more safe. Keep in mind this was fixed under a day later, whereas the IE vulnerabilities, WHICH INCLUDE REMOTE FILE TRANSFER AND EXECUTION are fixed the first tuesday of every month, if even that. ;P
  5. Daaaamn. I've been three seconds away, but DAMN.
  6. I don't view it as bad. am just saying it is more script kiddie stuff (i hate saying that) then anything else. but, hell the show isn't bad (i have a TheBroken t-shirt from back in the day) ← Well, I'd normally classify 'script kiddies' as those who would use exploits in malicious ways that don't benefit themselves, then brag about it. But then again, how could you do a show that tells you how to -find- exploits?
  7. It looks like it was made by someone who knows how to make a livecd. And that's all. Just use WHAX.
  8. I agree with you on this They never do realy do any "hacking" taking the sam file and cracking that is not hacking. So i don't like them in the sence that they try label their show as hacking but they do stuff far from it. but all and all it's not that bad of a show. Systm is nice though just for random tech topics like how to build cables ← Uh... what qualifies anyone to define what hacking is? What's the difference between cracking a SAM file or looking up what an md5 hash equals? Just because your definition isn't what his is doesn't mean it's bad.
  9. Again; how does adding a label help? I'm sure there are people that abuse exploits to do people harm that consider themselves hackers; what's the point of all this?
  10. The short answer: who cares. They're both too general to use. Why do people care so much about labels?
  11. edit'z..
  12. Calling a DATU can be very dangerous, however if you use a calling card and don't mess with it at all, I doubt they'd try and get a subpeona and ask for the calling card service's logs.
  13. And thats saying something the way he bitched and moaned when Stank did it. It's off the freakin' chart! ← Hahahahahahahaha, nice burn. XD
  14. Yeah, blingo sends stuff out in 2-3 business days, I believe.
  15. I've seen it, it ROCKS. <3 <3 <3 Wozniak Oct. 4
  16. Holy shit, I read that blingo's releasing an API for the site. o_o
  17. Oh yeah, totally. An awesome part is that you don't really need to sign up to use it, or even log in, however if someone that's your "blingo friend" (that signed up under you) wins, you win too.
  18. Ninja edit: News search in development. Hopefully it'll look better than Google's current News page.
  19. While it isn't hard to get on hack-a-day, it seems like your stuff was 90% awesomer than most everything else on hack-a-day. Great job.
  20. Soap, perhaps?
  21. Uh, yeah it does. Or has, in the past. Didn't we call a DATU once?
  22. You sure that's not just an urban legend or something? My past experience tells me that schools are gestapo, but this just sounds so completely unreasonable that there's something else going on here. I still have the same problems when using computers when I'm at the college labs; they won't let me download .doc files. I've searched the web for ways to get around this to no avail. (stupid Novell) Ironically, it doesn't check POST data for ANY file extension uploads, so I can feel free to upload anything.
  23. ... what
  24. Uh... Drugs aren't ruining the hacking community. Binrev isn't the hacking community, either. =P Marijuana will NOT make you stupid. Certainly there are drugs that do have their downsides, but look at Jobs and Wozniak, some of the first phreaks, who were major hippies. Sure it's a waste of time, but... THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU INHALE, EAT, OR INJECT INTO YOUR VEINS, IF YOU DO IT RECREATIONALLY IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN PROPERTY. Drugs aren't ruining the hacker community. Just becuase you're anti-drug doesn't mean that it's killing a community that abuses drugs.
  25. That isn't relative at all. That's just google talk.