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  1. not everyone is the same as me, but I'd love to help if I had any direction. I don't have the knowledge to just jump in and contribute, but maybe I'm just not the kind of candidate you need right now.
  2. Confirmed: BINREV_SPYD3R is the name of the INTERNAL account that controls our automated posting. Yes, it is a bot, but it is run by us to pull content from assorted feeds, or from other parts of our own site. I created this account so that I can always know which post is from our approved bot. Back on topic: Yes, 2600 gets to bit a bit paranoid at times...but not nearly as paranoid as that ultimate kook job Alex Jones. That guy is on another planet. i know.. alex jones is beyond paranoid.. i only mentioned his name to bring some humor to the fact that they are being overly paranoid that every time they have a service outage is because someone at verizon is targeting them... seriously, if i felt that way about a company i would seek an alternative provider - it is not like years ago when the phone company had a monopoly, there ARE choices... Alex Jones is a crooked genius preying on the insecurities of so many americans....he has been the #1 rated internet talk show for the longest time...you don't gain that popularity with paranoia. I admire some of his writers, but for the most part he over-hypes everything just to make a $buck$. Shame on him for over-hyping every doomsday scenario, but bravo to him for getting a lot of writers that actually provide very solid information.
  3. I didn't wana hijack some other guys thread so I made a new one....basically I would like to know the probability of transmitting lets say 20kms inside a large city in the USA without a license and gettign caught...anyone have any experience with this? Just curious as I don't have the means to do so even if I wanted to
  4. thanks for all the replies. The freelance work seems very intimidating. I almost feel that once I'm comfortable coding for cash then I'll be spending another year just struggling to get enough reputation to make bill payments from freelance. The more I read it seems a 40/hr desk job starting at 40k a year salary right out of college might not be in the future, but whatever. Money will never be a problem for me if I love the work I do. I'm currently watching MIT opencourse videos.....it's like im getting a 5-6,000$ per class education for free! and learning python has proven way easier than learning C, I still can't do crap with C and I've been studying off and on for 2 months now.
  5. I've been spending a little bit of time at dice.com and every other post on their forums is someone complaining about tech jobs sucking and how there are so few of them etc. etc. Some people go on to blame open source as a huge factor in killing IT jobs. What do you guys think? I'm teaching myself how to program and I'm trying to get into school to get my C.S. bachelor and it's very discouraging seeing everyone bitching on dice.com about how I should give up now and start a new career. I suspect this isn't the case, but I'm still wondering what your opinions are on the subject.
  6. didn't seem tense at all and if these are your first episodes then I expect this show to be friggin nice in the near future!
  7. Why creepy? Hehe. haha just I'm just saying someone who thinks of ways to get back at potential snoops before you even know there are snoops is pretty devious. its almost like walking into an AA meeting, spiking the punch and telling everyone not to drink the punch, then secretly installing breathalyzers into their car so they can't crank it if they blow to high. I like it.
  8. I heard at least 6 maniacal laughs while I was reading this. Creepy.
  9. see? and you guys keep saying how much easier it is to use google HAHA! thanks for the info man, I may just see you there provided my wife gets the job in nashvegas
  10. I'm probably moving to nashville tennessee soon and I've lived in small town alabama for quite some time now (florence). So I really haven't been right beside any tech cons that I know of. Does anyone know if anything goes down near nashville? I've never been to a geek fest and it would prob be easiest to pop the cherry on something local I would guess . on a side note, does anyone else have the inability to type the word "any" and instead type the word "and" EVERYTIME? I think I must have a form of dyslexia
  11. one time a this guy asked a noobie question and I just helped him out. Just once tho. /sarcasm lulz anyways I wish I knew where to point you but I don't know the first thing about key logging (anything other than what I could find in 5 mins on google), just had to get on here and make fun of the implied noobie bashing....so I guess I'm about as useful as the bashers /shrug
  12. I started because I "needed" to have an internet connection and there just so happened to be an encrypted network (WEP) near me, so I thought, hey! I bet someone knows how to break that....I mean it can't be that hard right? Turns our I was partially right. It can be broken easily using tools that someone else put a LOT of effort into making. Of course, that's my black hat side...then while reading about how to do it I saw there were MANY other things you can do once inside the network and here I am today learning and learning, but honestly I've never once had the desire to annoy anyone or hurt anyone with my skillz, so with a lot of stuff I know, I've never even tried it out on anyone but myself so I really don't know if it works LOL! I would just try and find something you find l33t hax0r!!! then study that subject and before you know it youll find out that there is a LOT of cool stuff about computers that really aren't l33t hax0r (so to speak) they are just very nifty and functional beyond what your everyday facebook user uses computers for.
  13. hmm I may not understand enough about crypto to begin understanding exactly what you are saying entirely, but from what you said with sudo-random generators, it sounds like the same clear text would produce different hashes every time. If this was the case then how in the world could something be authenticated since it would change everytime? but to stay on topic with sha-01. It still sounds to me like the whole process is A xor B = C. in which we know A (cleartext) xor B = hash where B is generated using "random" parts of A. anyways I'ma do some reading about it...I get the feeling I'm to in way over my head.
  14. eh, yeah I am talking about hash collision, but I'm more referring to the fact that in order to get to point B (your hash) you must take a path from A (your password and essid) and because there is a path, to crack the code, one only needs to be able to replicate that pathway so that you can simply get the hash and then walk backwards from point A to point B to find the password. of course becuase of hash collision you may walk backwards from point B and return to a very much different point A, but both points A's would produce the same hash, therefore the password would still be cracked....at least that's what logic tells me, obviously it's not that easy.
  15. Okay so I admit I haven't done a whole lot of research on cryptography nor do I have an advanced understanding of complex mathematics, but it seems like simple logic to me that if you can turn A into B, then there is obviously a way to reverse B into A. The answer I have found with my less than thorough research is that because the hash is 128bits and the input will be smaller or larger than 128bits usually, it is like getting the remainder out of a division problem, therefore you cannot trace back to the root number through it's remainder but it still seems like this would be breakable, after all you don't need the original password, ONLY the hash right? and it is very possible to find the hash in the above function through multiple passwords (10/4 would create the same hash of 2 etc.) my question is, how can there possibly be a math problem that cannot be reversed at least to the point of making a separate password that generates the same hash (therefore making it a valid password)? EDIT: to take out most of my fails in trying to make sense.