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  1. hey does anyone know how to change the screen resolution with right click disabled? if you could let me know it would be sweet... thx --Mike
  2. congrats, on the promotion logosx....
  3. disappointing (ha spelling) to say the least.... i wish i could've had the chance to learn more from you....and gotten to know you better....
  4. couldnt have said it better!
  5. I just got a new mouse, (GE 5-button optical mouse) and when i boot to fedora core it doesnt work...and then drivers on the floppy were only for windows...so i wan wondering if you guys new any way to put the drivers on fedora...so i can actually use it....
  6. yeah, i would like one.... cause i know nothing about magstripes and would like to learn...in case...you..wanted...to know...
  7. Its really stupid, i mean they knew it was against the rulez but they did it neway, so they should be punished... and its what ever the judge calls for (sry guys thats life )
  8. thanx anyway guys, but i fixed it.... (reconfigured my router)
  9. ok, so i click on firefox to browse the internet, and nothing comes up... i r confused so i click on network connections(properties) and it says i have another network card in my computer... i have not installed another network card.... so i un-installed the fdriver for that card, disabled the connection windows created for it, and then rebooted... but when i logged on windows automatic add hardware wizard added this imaginary card... and i dont know what to do... i looked to see if i could disable an automatic installation of hardware, but i couldnt find the option... so any help would be sweet. and i do know that this isnt exactly hacking, but if i posted in off-topic no-one would see the post.....
  10. hey i have to small files (10 kb total) that i need uploaded, so i can get a url for it.. and i cant find anywhere that will upload it... so if any of you have a website or know of one that will upload it for me that would be sweet...
  11. ok so i saw someone mentioned a proxy server, and i wanted to know how you set one-up...
  12. is that the dog from cowboy bebop?
  13. hmmm, interesting i really need to get A+ cert...
  14. dont worrry i figured it ou, i didnt have my second hard drive configured in my system settings (the one that fedora was installed on )
  15. so i installed fedora linux on my comp and the it asked me to reboot, so i did and now no matter what hard drive i choose to boot from, it walways says GRUB on a black screen and thats it!!! i dont know what to do!