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  1. I have a VM that I have been working with for a long time that I want to load onto a laptop. Thank you for your help.
  2. Has anyone ever come across a program (Free or Paid) that writes a virtual machine to a hard drive?
  3. Nufone left a voicemail on my cell phone talking of a power struggle with toll free did's and that the normal transfer process with all the signing and faxing would take a long time and they could speed up the process if I sent them 70 dollars via paypal and it would be credited to my account. Whats with that? How about they refund me the 70 dollars left in my account Did any one else get that call?
  4. Yes I just transfered mine, says they will have to contact us.
  5. it's getting a little old. :cuss: really really old. Maybe, but I and many others have a decent sized prepaid balance with them, and they personaly screwed me out of my 3 toll free numbers all because they cant pay there bills? Not to mention I had to get new phone numbers, new biz cards printed and Im still out the cash I prepaid. They have stopped responding to support inqueries about the status of the "Some Numbers are coming back on in batches" which is a blatent lie, and I really want to know if anyone has had there number turned back on like they promised last week.
  6. ::: The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time ::: Officially 3 weeks now? At what point do you just take your biz site down and walk away. I'd at least like another press release.
  7. yes but at least the error message changed .. lol
  8. Same here, it was more like an autoresponder and it sent responses to me every 30 min for 3hours. All from Greg. NuFone Press Release: Ok, so if most numbers are still down, whos is working, none of mine and I have 3.
  9. Just got 3 of these, 1 for each of my acounts. MAybe the DIDs will work again soon? AND thats also the nicest email I have ever received from them.
  10. and I was just emailed back to disregard the message. Hmm maybe they are making some changes and service will be restored Whoo Hooo.
  11. My NuFone Account was suspended? WTF Says I need to make a payment to reactivate it but that I have a credit of 50 dollars. lol Any one else get a message or am I being singled out. This is great. NVM, that was only for one of my accounts, so I take it I am being singled out lol.
  12. Off Topic, but what do you mean by not adequate for calling cingular?
  13. All of my logins work, thats wierd, I wouldnt give them any more money. Im sure my balance can cover what you owe lol especaily since at almost 2 weeks of being down I dont think Im getting my did's back and Im sure im not getting a refund.
  14. Ok so Nufone is still charging fees on there dids? Thats kinda crazy. 2006-05-01 08:00:12 Toll-Free number fee - xxxxxxxxxx $2.50 2006-04-01 08:00:11 Toll-Free number fee - xxxxxxxxxx $2.50 We should be due for another half ass update from Nufone. Has anyone had there new phone account turned back on like there website says? I have 3 accounts with them all created over the 2 years and none of them are on, Id like to call bullshit on there press release that says they have begun turning back on numbers.
  15. Let me know how the service is, I may have to switch soon too. Im sick of waiting.