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  1. Judging by my past relationships, reverse that.

  2. I remember Plan9 now. There is a port that has taken it to new levels. Inferno. Nice, in it's own way.
  3. Also BeOS and Plan9. Actually, Plan9 (which I've never heard of) seems really interesting.
  4. You forgot Mandriva, Gentoo or Slackware. All excellent distros in their own right.
  5. I'll show them some respect if they manage to take down milw0rm or governmentsecurity after warning them of their intentions.Even better would be to see if they could take down ImmunitySec. Of course, it's very possible. I don't think they have an exploit that is capable of burning everyone, that's ridiculous. That OpenSSH 'sploit they posted is kinda lame.
  6. Hello everyone. I was a member here years ago and don't remember my nick from back then, but I'm back. A few may know me from nc2600. Greetz!!