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  1. Hey, I'm going to be kind of vague on this. Can you guys tell me any information on the phone number 541-230-0003. Supposedly it was a college recruiter of some type. He spoke with an indian accent I THINK. I think his company was called "callerservices", "colorservices" or "callersystems". Anyways I don't know if I'm being paranoid about it not, but I Googled the number, and it comes up as alot weird stuff. I tried calling back and it says "Service is not available" Any intel is appriciated. I'm not up to par on phone phreaking...
  2. WOW! Talk about pettiness bitch...script kiddie...keep voting me down.

  3. Perhaps the netbook was to be for security research. He's selling his laptop and so this will replace it. His title is a general, non specific "Looking for a Netbook" and the entire flow of the conversation is about general specs. A purchasing a laptop replacement conversation to be a hacking topic needs to be a lot more specific. Any frickin laptop/netbook out of the box is good enough for "network" security research as if this guy is actually doing anything more hardcore than running wireshark and snort. On second thought, perhaps it shouldn't be in the general chat section, maybe it should be in the noober section. Is this what you do. Join forums and make them hate you? Join up and tell people how things should be? If Ohm or someone wants to tell me where to post. Ok I can respect that. You can stfu.
  4. You are ready for the next step grasshopper. That PDF is sexy, Thank you!
  5. Have you ever had the experience with internal cards picking up significantly better than external cards? This is what my experience is so far, even with an external antenna. I'm kicking around the idea that an internal card would more streamlined when it comes to power consumption rates. If anyone is interested I'm might hock my Acer Extensa 5420. I will probably sell without the hard drive. It has a few bad sectors. Aside from that, it is in flawless condition.
  6. Cool ya, thumb your nose at my work. No, that's cool. I'm not going to degrade myself to any flames.
  7. I'm finally going to buy one, and I'm selling my laptop cheap. (any takers?) I was wondering if you guys had any luck with a specific laptop for network security research? I'm definitely looking for something with a atheros chipset. That's all I can think of at the moment. You guys have any suggestions?
  8. *cough*
  9. Hey guys, I wrote a new article for my site. I hope you people find in helpful. Feedback is appreciated. Intro: When I played the game Fallout 3, I often enjoyed playing the hacking mini-game within it. While drifting through the wastelands your character often discovers functional computers. Your character types a series of commands and performs a data dump to discover passwords. I think this mini game is clever, entertaining and fairly accurate.
  10. I have a router setup at home. Now I've heard having a router is a level of protection, but can it be defeated? The question I'm asking is. Can a hacker who knows my external IP address of ( go across the internet and connect to my router. Then ultimately running an exploit on specific client on my private network. Like specifically targeting Is there any guide to this? The only reason I'm asking is because i want to protect myself from it.
  11. That thing looks fucking awesome. I want one even though it looks a like a flying death machine. I was nervous watching that video.
  12. I have a hosted website, what ways to could I log view on an image, or page visits in general?
  13. lol... even the screenshots are exactly the same. BoogY, if you want to publish articles you did not write, you need to ask the permission of the author first and give him credit for his work, not put your name on it. Unless you actually wrote it on the other website before putting it on your new website, this is plagiarized. He cited a few it looks like, but definitily not all. I can't stand websites like these. I once saw a whole site devoted and hotlinked to irongeeks videos. So stupid.
  14. Right now personally I should be doing research towards metasploit. I really want to learn it, but I feel uninspired. Are you guys focused on anything particular at the moment?
  15. Here is another. Written by the site ubuntu geek on 07/27/09. and yours〈=en written by BooGY at November 16th 2009.