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  1. well, i don't really think it can be modified (i just tried to open/read it) anyway, to be 100% sure here's a fresh one: http://rapidshare.com/files/255235497/config.bin.html config.bin as far as the compression is concerned: i thought myself there were too many repeated characters...but since i don't t know well ZLIB or LZMA or other compression algorithms, i wasn't completely ceratin. i found another tool (for Zyxel, indeed) and doesn't seem to work unless i make some mistakes: http://mindmasters.nl/kender/zyxel/ firmware would you be able to find out, by reversing the firmware, what encryption works on the config.bin (how it saves, how it loads it). The firmware is most likely written in C (older ones in Assembly) and compiled onto a MIPS or ARM processor... i also found this opensource firmware version here: http://www.dlink.fi/cs/Satellite?c=TechSupport_C&childpagename=DLinkEurope-FI%2FDLTechProduct&cid=1197319373648&p=1197318962293&packedargs=locale%3D1195806935789&pagename=DLinkEurope-FI%2FDLWrapper BUT i'm not completely certain it is exactly the same as mine (V2.04, dated 28 april 2006) here: http://tsd.dlink.com.tw/ModelDocuView.asp?SourceType=download&ModelSno=IJALDNNO&DocuSno=BDKDGDAD ftp://ftp.dlink.de/di/di-524/driver_software/ ftp://ftp.dlink.co.uk/di_broadband_gateways/di-524/
  2. thnaks for taking my post into consideration! i admit i'm not good at disassembling...i'd need to ask for a little bit more help from you (i really hope you won't deny it) i'm not 100% sure it's ARM, but i can say it's either ARM or MIPS The config.bin (i linked) doen't seems gzipped...what encryption do you think it has? are you able to read it somehow ? (here's another download, in case reached d/l limit): http://rapidshare.com/files/255157792/config.bin.html
  3. i found the CPU of DI-524 is an ARM procesor is there anybody with ARM Disassembling skills? here's the config i need to decode: http://rapidshare.com/files/254071543/config.bin.html and the firmware: http://tsd.dlink.com.tw/ModelDocuView.asp?SourceType=download&ModelSno=IJALDNNO&DocuSno=BDKDGDAD or ftp://ftp.dlink.de/di/di-524/driver_software/ ftp://ftp.dlink.co.uk/di_broadband_gateways/di-524/ hope on help!
  4. hi everybody, i'm a poor nubie... i got this problem: i have a D-Link DI-524 (firmware V2.04) router's config file, the file that contains settings backup. it's a .BIN file almost surely compressed and encoded so it's not readable unless you can tell what's the algorithm... i foudn a couple of working solution (for other routers' config file) that achieved the goal by reverse engineering the firmware: i can't do this...could anybody help me ? thanks