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  1. Yep, XP as well. In addition you can use \\computername (or IP address)\admin$ which connects you directly to the winnt directory on the remote machine. Every drive on a "professional" workstation in Windoze has this little share. You have to be in the administrators group to have access by default though.
  2. From the sounds of it, basic phreaking would be an incredible learning experience for many of us. I'm one to admit that I'm clueless about it, but I have an interest.
  3. OS

    Usually it's a bios setting. Look for something called boot order. Chances are that your system is set to boot from the hard drive, then the floppy then the cd. Change it so that the cd boots before the hard drive. Best of luck!
  4. OS

    Hmm, I use slack and mandrake on diff machines. I started on slack and like them both. I use debian on my beater sparc ipx. Guess I would have to agree with the majority. Start off with mandrake. If you really want to learn, you'll pick up the command line anyway.
  5. Okay, where would I find info on registrations? Is there a way I can type in a number and get a name, fake or not?
  6. Okay, I'm an ICQ idiot. Is there a way to track an icq number back to an individual?
  7. Wow, didn't expect this! Well, okay, I did.
  8. Anyone familiar with cisco 6000 series switches. Given a physical port number on the switch, I need to find out the IP of the machine connected to it. I can go in reverse and figure out the port number from the IP, but can't do it the other way, or visa versa versa visa.... Thanks
  9. Yo, major noob here in some areas, not so noob in others. Just here to learn and teach.
  10. Hmm, guess you're right.
  11. Set the proxy up in some other country so that they can't touch it. Of course they would probably DOS it then...
  12. Well, NTs roots did originate from VMS!
  13. Personally I like nmap. It's got a lot of options and does an okay job, not to mention the price is right! Hell, they used it in matrix so it can't be all bad!
  14. It is possible that as the scan runs it will send requests ( depending on the options used in nmap ) on the common vpn ports. The target may interpret this as a connection request and reply accordingly. This happens a lot on other ports like smtp, http and ftp although I haven't encountered with VPN.
  15. Got one box on sendmail and another on postfix. Dont really mind either one, they both work.