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  1. My laptop recently crashed and I needed to re-install windows. Everything went alright and can now get to my desktop. I need to download my wifi card driver in order to access the internet. The thing is, I need to go online to download the driver. So how do i do this? Are there any tricks to get on the internet just after you re-install windows?
  2. Some background info.. My laptop was stolen about 3 weeks ago. My AIM screenname was set to automatic and would sign on when the computer booted up. The thief recently turned it on and my old SN signed on. I set a trap to find his Ip address and did so. I found that my laptop is about 35 min away in Schenectady, New York. That is all the basic online Ip address locators could tell me. I was wondering if there was any way I could pinpoint the exact location using the Ip address or the hostname. Or if any of you could find me more information used the two. Or if there is any other method I could use for getting this guy. Ip Address: *removed* Hostname: *removed* Any information can help at this point. Thanks. Edit by Ohm: I've removed the actual IP address. It's not pertinent to the actual discussion at hand and only invites trouble.