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  1. porno pass galore, as some other cool stuff, heh
  2. To my knowledge they are, AFAIK, DTMF is a worldwide standard.
  4. stank why the fuck you would want to watch eastenders is beyond me! lol, uk soaps suck bigtime, you americans have better TV, which makes me glad im getting the hell out of the UK in a few weeks!
  5. ok, so who here at binrev accually bidded?
  6. Thanks a bunch for your reply I did read the FAQ but there were many part numbers there and wasn't entirely sure which one to get.
  7. Hey all, I've recently got a hold of an old SparcStation 2 with all the trimmings from someone who is in my local linux usergroup. I have this insane curiosity of learning about all the really old systems and architechures, and i'm thinking of turning this machine into a mail server, but theres a slight problem. The NVRAM is nackered, need to get a new chip. I was wondering if anyone here knows where i might get one for cheap or perhaps someone has one lying around doing jack squat and might be interested in helping me out?
  8. *loud homer scream* YOU MONSTER! btw, good 'ole bill gates SAFENESS? What fucking world are you living in?! Just pop the cover off the PC, bung in an NIC, stop being a n00b and tell your dad to stfu
  9. lol, thats a good one
  10. Accually its a pretty good idea. For example, if you wanting to access the net without being traced to your landline, you can just take a laptop and connect to any publicly available phone socket, like I know that there are many places where you can access phone lines in the UK. Its also a good idea for the few people who dont have access to wireless technology... And if you live in the UK... AOL have been giving out a months free trial for like 2 years now, so if you dont live in a DSL/cabled area and you feel like you're being ripped off, you just just keep jumping from one trial to another, my friend has been doing that for about 4/5 months now since his DSL line was "suspended" for "misuse". Plus AOL accually have a good network here in the UK, usual downloads on 56k on AOL here clock in round about 8/9kb/s compared to 4/5kb/s on other 56k ISP's, but who in the hell still has 56k?
  11. me voted, binrev no.27
  12. thanks but the 98% figure was pulled off a site when i was googling
  13. First off, your using a WINmodem. These are designed purely for Windows and NEED windows to work, and most (98%) are never going to work with linux. Back in December a few friends and myself done an experiment in college to see if we could get any WinModems working under slack, and out of 22 modems, only one worked and it was some shitty old soft modem from 1997 by Aztech. If you spend 5 minutes googling you'll find some resources on winmodems for linux, many people have written some open source drivers, some (such as linuxant) are selling their Winmodem drivers. But you'd probably be better off buying a good external hardware modem, check google to see which ones work with your distro of linux. Sorry couldn't be more helpful dude..