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  1. Holy shit this guy's retarded.

  2. Agayster why do you continue to accuse me of things, why do you taunt me? Well, how about them IP addresses? Are those the same?

  3. lol, now you're trying to reset my password? You do know it sends me an email when you do that, with the originating IP, and that it is the same IP as for all your posts? You fail man

  4. Ohm, Johnymanson, err..I mean thepcdude whatever name you are going by, you have no clue what you're talking about.

  5. Hahahahahahaha.

    Since when was VB such a prestigious language?

    lmfao, you grow out of that shit when you hit puberty.

  6. Agayster you just proved me correct. Talk about an infinite resistence to intelligence and I don't mean your boyfriend Ohm. Ohm used Dinscurge to criticise you then voted HIM and not YOU down. He gangs up on him all the time, spewing his negativity. It isn't just him. I'm sticking up for Dinscurge and everyone else you and your cronies pick on. It should be you defending him and YOURSELF, but because he gives it to you good you look the other way and take it a different way. You have to look at it from my perspective. Ohm isn't giving me buttgasims and making me see sunshine all day. Therefore, I don't have an opiate to hold me back from the truth. And another thing there is still an unpatched 3.0.2 hack on this board that allows me to see who's voting me down. Not only did you place me on "warning" but you also are going around and voting me down. Poney.
  7. I see you Agayster

  8. The ones that play music are the ones that made it to hard drive heaven. What you are hearing are the angels coming down while playing their harps and lifting their soul's up. One day the music will stop and then you will know that you hard drive's soul is resting in heaven. The ones that don't play music...well they went to one or another level of Hell. If they possessed pirated material they are definitely residing on the seventh level. That's where bad hackers like Agayster and Ohm end up when they die too. If they were simply fragmented well then some of the lower levels will do. In case you were being serious, did the sound come from the drive or the speaker of the one that was making music?
  9. Sell it and buy a PC that's faster, smaller, quieter and uses less electricity. But we've been over this before These are always interesting machines. I like to look, but wouldn't want to own one. Ohm, how can you even make that determination without knowing what kind of "bargain" he got, gosh? I like Aghaster as little as you (wait he's your buddy) but at least I won't be one of these people who uses another person to mix in a major criticism followed by a little positive pat like "these are always interesting machines" to pretend that you aren't really criticising when you are. Man do you need to hate. What disfunction. Sign up for Dave Chappelle's Hater's ball. You'll win everytime. On top of it you gave Dinscurge a negative Rep!!! What mental illness! Hate, Hate, Hate.
  10. Don't feel too bad. Kevin Mitnick's ATT account was hacked recently too. It's all social engineering.
  11. I'll take your word on the image. I haven't seen it before either but the comments are new relating to what's going on. I just wanted to clarify for people following the issue. What's weird about the whole 'sage' here is that they seemed to have surrendered or rather accepted defeat but then the terms became too harsh. Their enemies wanted to continue to hunt them down and even go after the company that bought them or signed an intent to buy anyway. The stockholders are going to vote on it soon so it isn't official (my bet is that they'll vote it down). As a consequence, they came about and rediscovered their resolve to continue to host torrents and prevent multinationals from snuffing them out.
  12. Wow that chart is exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Thanks Phail_Saph plus one for you! Did you have any links as well?
  13. Calm down, calm down. Christ. Geez...this is a hacking site right? I'm asking if anyone knows anything about them. I figured there would be a wealth of info and security around them BECAUSE they hold the money. I am a White Hat. I just don't know crap about them. Please don't assume my intentions; ask first. For instance you mentioned that they hold the info for the machine that it was printed by...well how do you know that? Where did you get that info? What else do you know? Or are you speculating?
  14. I noticed that at a lot of the offices that I frequent they have a machine that I guess 'stamps' their mail. I also noticed that they are usually connected to their network directly. I was wondering if anyone has any info on these machines since I also found out that they contain the money inside them from which they deduct per stamped item. I wonder what OS or whatever they run and if you can connect to them like a Remote host. They obviously run the TCP/IP stack.