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  1. Thanks for sharing, It brings back memories for me as well, I messed with phones in the late 70's a little, very basic techniques, nothing elaborate but it was interesting to see how they worked. Nothing I knew then is relevant now, so all my learning now is brand new... but it's still learning. thanks again eeriana
  2. I can't take a laptop in but... there are a couple computers in the area that I could use, without much if I get the adapter... what suggestions do you have....
  3. The device is this The software I am not sure of..... all I know is gss 3.5 but I am still working on that. What is the probe you mentioned? I am going to play around with the system to find out some more about the software and info on Mon. Any other thoughts? eeriana
  4. I will find out tonight the make of the scanners and the software they use. I am using a motorola E815 and a plantronics 510 headset, I believe. What is the probe you were talking about? We do use radios to communicate through out the hub and in the yard, they are Motorola HT1000 ( I think) They broadcast on a frequency that I think is just assigned to us. I don't know if that would have any effect. I can try to find out that frequency. I am determined to prove them wrong!! eeriana
  5. Well, tonight I had the phone scan for bt and it found no devices. Do I have to change any settings or anything on my phone, perhaps? They say it runs on the same frequency, so shouldn't it have picked up on them? Would I have to be within a certain proximity to a scanner, or the base area for all the scanners? Any thoughts would be welcome..... eeriana
  6. I will, I hadn't thought of trying that. So I just set my phone to scan for any BT connection? I will try that tonight when I go in to work.... I'll let you know! Thanks...
  7. I hadn't thought of that... so if it were true, then the interference would go both ways and their scanners would interfere with my headset. (which it doesn't.) I need to find out what software the scanners use. When I got my bluetooth, I had to link it to only my phone, so wouldn't they link the scanners to their bluetooth device only? Isn't that how it works?
  8. I wouldn't think it would matter either. I don't think one bluetooth headset interferes with other bluetooth headsets in proximity, so why would it interfere with scanners using bluetooth. hmmm..
  9. Hi there are a lot of good, knowledgeable people here. eeriana
  10. We do run microwaves at work, but no cordless phones, that I am aware of anyway.... We are allowed to use cell phones, just not bluetooth... It sounded like bs to me also, but I thought I would do a little research on it... eeriana
  11. I don't know if this belongs here, but I thought I would ask. We were told at work (shipping company) that we are not allowed to use bluetooth headsets at work because they interfere with the scanners uploading process. Are there different frequencies that blue tooth equipment works on or is it all the same? If so, can you change the frequency of a blue tooth device?
  12. COOL! ok we have 2, LOL perhaps a few others????
  13. do you have recommendations on what tester to buy? Are they pretty much the same? eeriana
  14. wish I could attend, have fun for me! eeriana
  15. Being a bit of newbie myself, I would just like to add that I agree that hacking is a mindset, I believe it was Bland inquisitor I once heard say that it is who you are, how you're wired, what you're born with, be it computers, phones or other technology. But those skills need to be honed and developed. For me, I was born with an insatiable curiosity about how technology works and how to manipulate it. Is that a hacker? Who's to say. All I know is that I feel at home among hackers and phreaks and was fascinated with phones first, back in the, well, many years ago... heh heh... then computers and how they work and how to manipulate them. Things keep evolving and changing that it's like starting over sometimes, but that desire, that drive, to learn and keep up is innate. If you stop asking questions and learning from those that already know and have expertise in areas that interest you, you stagnate. As long as you do it respectfully and intelligently, then we are all here to help you develop your skills as well as learn from you and the others. It is a community and we are all here to learn and teach. Just my two cents..... eeriana