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  1. Hi guys, I dont know what else to do, i have tried everything i have researched. I see some people post the disabled number they get after 3 attempts and they get a master unlock code and works for them, well, i would like to PLEASE ask for that kinda help. when i try and boot with the HD inside the laptop asks for HDD password, when i take it out and try and access the BIOS to try and remove passwords it asks for a PASSWORD. So i'm guessing both the BIOS and the HD have a password, which means replacing the HD will be a waste of money and time. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Here are all the details. Dell inspiron 1501. Service Tag: JC6T9C1 Express Service code: 42095901313 System Disabled Code : 12209 If i am missing any other info please let me know ASAP.