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  1. well it was more then that, I did it in windows Encoder v9 and it was like 100MB but then I took it into windows movie maker and it shorten the size by alot... but Still cant figure out how to make it even smaller. Like I said still kinda new to makeing videos... I mean its not bad but the size is a little to big and download speed on my servers have been realy bad ever since comcast lost connection about a week ago, my internet connection keeps going off and on. A women hit a pole or something in town and messed everyones internet and tv up for a day and then they fixed it but still very bad connection since then.
  2. Its not a router but more a switch, if you want me to do a router ( since most people have linksys ill open a linksys router up when I get home from school) I can open one up and show you whats in side. What the video is just showing whats in side a switch and the brand I used was D-Link. Very basic inside was one chip does it all. And I think it was kinda cool when I opend it up so I wanted to make a short video on it, I know the connection is going to be slow and sorry about that, if anyone has any faster connections or knows a site I can use to host it then I would realy like that.
  3. Ok im realy new at this but I took my time on makeing it, its a short video about 5 Min and its talking about D-link routers and switches and shows whats inside and what they do and all. Im just getting into this kind of stuff, next time I may just make it on a xbox on how to open xbox and add stuff. Just so I can learn more. I have a link to the video that I made http://mixfevers.com/rsite/D-link.wmv
  4. http://www.gizoogle.com funny site try it on binrev.com or any other site to get that site in gangster style words but you have to hit the translate button link or it wont translate it in gangster terms.
  5. Ah google custom I like - check email - Stocks - Word of the day (makes me sound more smart when I use the word) - Weather (helps me before I got to schol to choose what sweater or t-shirt to wear)
  6. I have been working on My Free web hosting site/Paid hosting and Forums and Free Radio ( still under way). We have topics on almost everything. And were still looking for members and anyone to help out. Also were going to be giving out jobs (paid soon). So please visit the site and please give us your input on the site.
  7. Everyone talking about how G4 is messing everything up. And I agree I started watchikng the screen savers and now it sucks.... Hold on its called attack of the show now its even worse now. I never did see the ture Tech TV before it came G4 Tech tv and I wish i saw it before it changed everyone says how good it was. So now I just watch the history channel and Comcast has a few other technology channels that I watch. :cuss: