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  1. hey there... Just set up a gentoo system, and need a bit of help. I am getting sort of tired of having to compile EVERY single thing i install. I am aware of the --usebinpkg(not exact) option, but dont know of a place to set PORTAGE_BINHOST to. I need the url of a repositroy that will work with portage. Many thank in advance... Nyx
  2. lol, im suprised you guys are following this... Im about 45 miles away from where this is taking place... Whoopie! Im on the news.. LOL
  3. Hey all, I got a good link for ya. As I'm sure you've heard, MIT is releaseing some of it's course material under the Creative Commons. The main link to what you need is THIS. Now, the online version of the book can be found HERE. As well as an online version of the lectures can be found HERE. The course is called "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs", and it teaches you alot of the stuff that yopucan't learn from a book you buy at B&N, such as algorithm construction, and program structure. I don't know if it's been posted before, but hope ya get something out of it... Nyx
  4. Glad to be of help... Many a good coding session to ya'...
  5. damn.. thats interesting... and funny, im from kansas too.
  6. Hey man. Im up for the job. I can definantly post 2-3 times a week, given that much new stuff has been published of course. Nyx
  7. Hey... Most of ya probably don't even remember me, its been so long, but right now im working on a suite of programmers utilities(i.e switching between number systems) as well as an emergency cd setup for working on a blank windows box(modular c compiler, working on porting in python/perl)... If anyone is interested in helping pm me. Nyx
  8. damn good site and damn good content... Only thing i could ask for is, like Avid said, seperate the video from the audio... Keep up the good work man... Peace Nyx
  9. found an interesting site today while doing research for Debate, IFEX. Site focuses on information freedom topics around the world, as well as international headlines. Not directly comp realated, but definantly worth the visit. Peace Nyx
  10. what version, if it is Fortres 4.0(or prob earlier) check out these progs, though i dont condone being a script kiddie... link = http://packetstorm.dyn.org/9903-exploits/ But yeah, a version num would be VERY useful... Peace Nyx btw- Fortres is a desktop security app, not unlike Netware... their site = http://www.fortres.com/
  11. personally, i do what i can to make sure i dont get caught then, like Stank says, i play the game and hope my planning is better than theirs... Nyx
  12. I know this is pretty lame but earlier today my dad tryed to change my Admin account to a limited(wont let me install prog, etc.)... Thats not the problem though, i got it back to Admin... What i need to know is if there is any way to protect an Admin account from another Admin... Its lame, but im not very familiar with the XP account system. Thanks. Nyx
  13. actualy i was trying to divert attention
  14. i hear ya stank, but im interested in helping with this... email nyx_mech@yahoo.com aim nNyxn
  15. later man.... Didin't know ya but good luck on staying out of trouble... To whoever is out to get him, FUCK YOU AND KISS MY ASS!!! :grr:
  16. Like it says, what is the current "public use" bridge? Also, when do people start getting on? I'm doing a project that requires some broad knowledge of phreaking soon and figured a conf/bridge would be a good place to ask questions and such. Nyx
  17. i dont know if this is common knowledge but check out this link - LINK it seemed like some pretty cool info, just hope all you guys going to the site doesn't tip them off Nyx :edit:grammar
  18. thanks, im downloading... Nyx
  19. i know i dont post here much nor do i know decoder beyond talking with him in a phone conf for abotu 5 minutes once but i want to say that i feel for him... Also, he knows we all are here for him if he needs it, and he knows where to call so untill that time comes when he asks for help we should stay out of it. Once again, good luck to you decoder... Nyx
  20. hey again- looking for help on cracking the activation code on win xp professional. (no im not a script kiddie just all the stuff ive found so far hasn't helped). Anyways, thanks in advanced. Nyx
  21. Hi- im looking for a free dvd encoder that would work with windows media player, or any other equivalemt software(i.e. winamp). Any help would be great. Thanks in advance! Nyx
  22. I might be on around 9:00 cst, if thats o.k. Nyx
  23. here's the link- Hackers Playground I know its a stupid named site but very good books.
  24. I was wondering what I should do when I get a server crash message on X when I try to start it(how would I fix it or find the problem). Did a search but couldn't find anything useful. Thanks for any help. btw, the distro is redhat linux and it was newly installed Nyx
  25. this is exactly what it says... ;start error log _XSERVTransSocketInetCreateListener: ...SocketCreateListener()failed _XsSERVTransMakeALLCOTSServerListeners:server already running Fatal server error: Cannot establish any listening sockets- Make sure an X server isn't already running XIO: fatal IO error 104(connection reset by peer_ on X server ":0.0" after 0 requests (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining. INIT: Id "x" respawning to fast: disabled for 5 minutes ;end error log what I do is log in normaly in text mode, use the startx command to start X11 and it does this. (sorry about the vagueness before...) Nyx