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  1. I remember back on phreak phactor when they called microsoft and got an xp pro key, but in order to get the key they needed the auth number of the cd, does anyone recall what the number is?
  2. Yeah I cant get the Bart PE to work because I have no usable windows installation files, I have no copy of windows XP (who the hell knows where they all disappeared to), I actually have a cd with a bin of windows, but just my luck it wont copy over, it's seriosly been just my luck for the past week and im starting to hate it. So yeah I have Windows XP on the drive D:, which was C: before I installed Vista, but I changed it over right before installation of Vista with Partition Magic just because it was a beta and I felt having Vista as C: would cause fewer compatabilty problems, well now with the Vista I cant get Partition Magic to work and Windows Disk Management System will not allow to change drive letters for Syste/Boot drives, anybody have any ideas on what I can do????
  3. Does anyone know of a bootable program that will allow you to change the drive letters, long story short Vista compatiablity sucks and I'm just trying to get back to my last partition.
  4. I need something that can be ran on windows, If need to be i can setup up, but it can not be something permantly installed on the local machine
  5. Does anyone know of a program that can be downloaded on to thumb drive and then plugged into someones computer where it automatically starts logging?
  6. I just got the new Verizon LG V, does anyone know of any hacks with these phones such as putting games on to the mini sd rather than buying them from verizon?
  7. Ive been using alot with my roommates and friends, The quality is pretty good with very little delay at all. Does anyone know how you would do a confrence call on this besides having everyone conected to everyone else.
  8. haha this is the pimpest idea ive heard in awhile, or you can be even more "31338" (becuase its better than "31337") and have a web interface ;p but this seems like alot of work for a remote control fireplace, but you could have options! like to change the temp and what not! SUPER FIRE PLACE! ok im done. ← With the X10 Unit is a thing where you can call your home phone and turn things on just like BlakeOPS said. They also have a add on serial connection that you can get to hook it up to your computer, Im sure you could some how hook that up to the net some how and control it from work, starbucks, while banging a hooker, what ever.
  9. Hey girls wouldnt ask questions, they would just think Im rich enough to have a remote control fireplace. I was talking to my modeling teacher about it, and he actually has an entire x10 system lying around his house, so he's just going to gice it to me, f*in kick ass.
  10. It sounds like they were try to just defend the fact that it is so easy to hack, and hopeing that no one else trys it because it so"hard" to hack, why in reality it's so easy.
  11. No, im talking about like a little IR remote, however it would be cool to hook it up to my cellphone with out my roommates knowing, then turning on with no one there.
  12. So I moved into a new Apt, really nice and it has a fireplace that can be turned on by a light switch, but I love to F* around with electronics so I was wondering if there is a way, maybe a kit that I can buy at RadioShack and modify and hook up to the switch to have a remote control fireplace, it would so turn on the ladies, plus it would be a cool little project.
  13. Defintalty Pocket PC. I have a Hp Ipaq 1910 and I love it. I bought mine about 1 1/2 years ago for $140 from some place that I cant even remeber now, but I can play 3d games, music, movies, slideshows and so much more. Palms are just over priced for barley anything, maybe a built in 1MP camera , but just use my Minolta Z2 for pictures. PS: some times you can find really awesome prices from places like, I saw a iPaq phone not to long ago that retails for $600, for $120, if I had the money i would have bought it
  14. Ohh Ohh Pick Me, Ill re edit this post later with some numbers to call, right now I have to go to work. Edit: Ahh Lets See What I Can Up With In A Minute And A Half: 1)We could call a place like Officemax (some place with a dozen phone lines, but one or two people able to answer them) and have like 8 people call them at the same time and all ask for really dumb shit like left handed pens or Dell inks. 2)Call Comcast and piss them off, thats it, I just love messing with those penny stealing bitches. 3)Call Moe's Tavern and ask them if there is a Mike Rouch, or I guess we could call any place and ask them to page someone. I know, so original. 4)Finally Call 574-867-5309, and ask if Jenny is there. Usually they have someething funny to say. I know most of these ideas arent that great but Ill try to think of some better one's when I become a little more sober.
  15. Did I miss something, the entire time I listened to the show it sucked, well we got an XP key and that was cool, but I decided to hang up when Stank came on and said he'd extend the show out for about another thirty mins. I guess I'll have to listen to the recording.