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  1. I don't have the time to hunt them down right now, but if you do a search for "wifi card" and/or "wardriving," I believe there's some really kick-ass technical discussions about everything card-related: tech specs, prices, availability, etc.
  2. I figured because you went straight for the internal card that you had a laptop without a PCMCIA slot. Hey, now's a good time to get the full setup.
  3. For those interested in Perl, try Beginning Perl. It's big, it's cool, and best of all, it's FREE!
  4. I've gathered as much since my original post, after having read some comments about it at various sites. It still sucks though. There's plenty of wiggle room for Hollywood/MPAA/RIAA to bend perception now. Instead of having to prove file sharing companies are liable, they just have to prove that the companies are embracing and/or encouraging illicit usage of their product, which is infinitely easier in the legal world.
  5. Your best bet may be to take it into a computer upgrade/repair shop where they do these things on a frequent basis. You'll have to shell out some cash, but it comes with two distinct benefits: someone else is doing the work, and if they fuck up, you can hold them responsible. Just watch what you sign, if anything.
  6. You sound as if you're back in the 50's, hiding out in your garage with some friends while showing them the centerfold from a Playboy you smuggled out of your father's sock drawer. Personally, I didn't like the Canons (this is back in the days of the XL-1). I preferred Sony's line. Nowadays, I'd have to do my research.
  7. BTDT. Even if you do end up wearing green, it's really not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. WARNING, PERSONAL OPINION (i.e. FLAME BAIT): It's my philosophy that everyone should do their part to give back to the country that's provided them with some really kick-ass basic freedoms. And before anyone thinks that I'm just spouting right-wing, bandwagon-patriotic bullshit, know that I wore the uniform for four years, having signed up BEFORE September 11. :usa: :2guns: Sure, things may look like they're going downhill, but in the grand scheme of things, we have it better than a lot of other places. I'm not going to quote JFK here, or insist that every male between the ages of 18-25 should enlist in the military, but do something: VOTE, write letters to your congressmen and Senators, contribute to the USO and other military support programs, and become active in the state of affairs of your community and country. And buy me a beer, because you're cool like that. *** Edited to add kick-ass emoticons ***
  8. What site? Or the DeviantArt one? I've had both for a while, but just recently I was bestowed with some hosting for the former, which I'm going to be updating over the week, as I don't particularly care for the current layout.
  9. No, but I should probably add to the ones I already have. I'm thinking I'm going to get "DDP" under a bulldog on my right bicep, ala Actually, that would make a kick-ass tattoo.
  10. You also forgot 40's of O.E.
  11. Due to my regular full-time job, I don't have the time to do this [Slashdot article], but for people out of school or with a few weeks to kill, this sounds like a cool idea, and it'll get you out of the house. I wrote to the e-mail address provided and got the following response:
  12. That's some pretty good cash! Not for a full-time gig, but for something you'd be doing anyway, hell yeah! Uncle Sam'll take about a third of it... :growl: so that's about $1,200 you can keep all told, depending on state taxes and such. I'm trying to think of a way I can squeeze it in without losing my "me time."
  13. I can at least get my family back, right? You said you wouldn't hurt them!
  14. Thanks for the congrats everybody , and a HUGE thanks to StankDawg and the DDP for allowing me to become a bigger part of a great thing! I'm looking forward to working on some really cool stuff (stay tuned!) and no worries - I'll be here for a while.
  15. Well, on the application form, they request your SSN (for tax reasons, of course), which leads me to believe... $$$!!! (Probably not much, but hey.)
  16. You'll find that the three main reasons for doing anything related to hacking/phreaking/tech are: 1) Because it's there; 2) Because you can; 3) To learn.
  17. That's certainly very... uh... pioneering of you. But really, who wants to walk in on their mom and hear, "Oh Tux... yes... TUX!"?
  18. Hmm, look at the tag on the shirt. They made it. ← Well no shit. I stand corrected.
  19. Holy fucking shit that's funny!
  20. That is teh suck. Also, isn't that copyright infringement?
  21. Use an old monitor set to 640 by 480.
  22. Fucking WORD.
  23. you should of seen the uncut version of infonomicon tv 4... bunch of nekkid rednecks in a river ← Yeah, pretty much. "Throw me another rubber, fucker!"
  24. Are you talking about your computer name, or something else? Also, what OS? In Windows, right-click "My Computer" and hit "Properties," then click on the "Network Identification" tab. In Linux, it varies by distro, but usually is found in the system settings menu. In Mac OS X, it's in "System Preferences," "Sharing."
  25. I think he may have copied and pasted from another source... if not, yeah, he's a dick.