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  1. From the article: Does anyone else think it's asinine to hold software developers responsible for the file-sharing "problem" and still sue John Q. Public? If they're going to convict Grokster, then they ought to drop all the cases against those who used Grokster. Fucking pick one, you pricks. :pissed:
  2. Well, at least the prosecution got owned by one of the Justices in the first page and a half of the transcript. WARNING: Link is a PDF.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, xconf. The reason I wrote that article is to address the issue of "how to hack." Hacking isn't as much an exercise as it is a state of mind. Once you get in the right mindset, the technical stuff (while still hard sometimes) becomes easier to deal with. Best of luck, and read, read, read!
  4. Please feel free to read this rather informative article, and let me know how you liked it.
  5. At least now the good (well, bad) people of Colombia can purchase
  6. That IS sweet! Methinks I'm going to put my Palms on Craigslist now. Think I could get $400 or so for my Tungsten E, Tungsten T|3 w/ wireless keyboard, some screen protectors and misc. shit combined?
  7. Damn you all! Now I'm looking really hard at an x50v. /me regrets buying a Tungsten T|3.
  8. Granted, I've never owned a Pocket PC, but I've certainly browsed what's out there, and they certainly have Palms beat for selection, hands-down.
  9. Yeah, it was early. I waking up now. Anyhow, here's a good discussion on what you're looking for: Yeah, gotta watch out for those "evil" hackers!
  10. Would those programs download the source, and not the rendered pages though? (And I'm getting ready to head off to work. )
  11. EDIT: My previous post didn't work, perhaps try WebDAV?
  12. The spellchecker won't be a requirement, but it will be there for those who choose to use it. And from what I can tell, it fits in VERY well with the board and won't be a nuisance.
  13. There's no reason to stir the pot; it's really not that big of an issue. This isn't going to turn into a witch-hunt, and you really aren't going to see much of a change, except for an absence of "You spelled this wrong, NOOB!" posts. Honestly, none of the posts on this board are THAT illegible or incoherent; even the ones in the Drunkard Posts area (which is, ironically, misspelled ). Some may take longer to digest than others, but the meaning's still there. That being said, this isn't fucking English class, so don't worry about getting penalized if you fuck something up. This is a place for hacking, phreaking and, in general, learning! So let's have fun and not sweat the small stuff.
  14. Sweet. Your site's the shit, by the way. Thanks for all the hard work!
  15. Having been the owner of various Palms since high school, I would suggest getting a Pocket PC. There's more apps out there for them and more things you can do with them, IMHO. However, it may just be the fact that I've never owned a Pocket PC, and they look rather tasty to me right about now. *shrug* If you do decide to go with Palm, you can find plenty of great software at Palm Gear and Handango (Multiple OSes).
  16. I just thought it was funny how they mentioned "exploiting vulnerabilities."
  17. Phreak Phactor certainly fills a void (that of a seat-of-your-pants, never-know-what's-going-to-happen-next, LIVE thrillfest ), but you have to admit it's in a league of it's own, as nothing else really compares to it. And that's a good thing! I believe what everyone's looking for is a similar show to Default, format-wise. News, opinions, and maybe a phone call or two.
  18. All you need to know right here, specifically this. It'll get you off to a great start.
  19. On a related note, if any of you Mac users have noticed your display getting dimmer as it gets older, ScreenCleaner Pro recalibrates the gamma settings of your monitor to make it look like it's factory condition again.
  20. Hell yeah. Even though I didn't listen to it on Thanksgiving, it was nice to finally hear that again. That being Decoder berating Doug.
  21. I miss Default Radio as well. Decoder is the fucking man. :cry: And, uh, shouts to Lucky225, too.
  23. I agree, unless you plan on maxing out your bandwidth by serving large files. When I was file sharing (Linux distros, etc. ), I never once got earmarked, and I was sending out some serious shit. I don't see how this would be any different. It's all upstream/downstream to them.
  24. Happy Birthday YAPL! Here's your gift! By the way, is it supposed to rhyme with "Snapple?"
  25. Basically, this is one step toward subtle censorship from the inside out. In today's world of large files (i.e., Linux distributions, homebrew OSes, freeware games, independent movies, local band albums and the like), programs and protocols like this are needed for innovation to not only continue, but to thrive. If they manage to take away the incentive to create file-sharing programs, they take away the possibility of sharing innovative, LEGAL files, which then leaves no incentive for future creators of said files to even type the first line of code, or record that first bit of audio or video. Fuck the MPAA and double-fuck the RIAA. Talk about cutting your fucking nose off to spite your face. :pissed: