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  1. OSX

    XServes pwn all. Check THIS bad boy out! Number 14 on the Top 500 list, she is! *drool*
  2. OSX

    Shoulda gotten the 15"...
  3. Yeah, sometimes it takes a while.
  4. OSX

    Yeah, getting Ethereal to work on a Mac right now is a pain in the ass... you either need to use a Darwin Port or Fink, and it's been driving me crazy. There's an alternative called Ethernal, though, which seems pretty good.
  5. OSX

    True. I'm interested in learning more about that little command line burn whatchamacalit. Seems pretty sweet. Have you burned ISOs and all that crap with it as well?
  6. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.... that's pretty fucking cool, even if it's a novelty.
  7. OSX

    You can burn CDs like a mother fucker. Plus, it's all built-in, although Roxio's Toast is also the shit if you want to get crazy with it. I only have a ComboDrive, so I can't speak for the DVDs. OS X (Tiger, especially) > Linux > Windows, IMHO. Why is OS X > Linux? It looks better. Even in command line. I Terminal. EDIT: That guy who wrote that article is a noob. I watch DVDs on my Mac just fine. He's full of shit, or can't figure out how to use his own computer.
  8. OSX

    Macs are great. The Aqua GUI, which is so beautiful and well-designed, runs on top of a BSD kernel (Darwin). It has tons of similarities with different *nix distros, and the terminal is THE place for any command-line stuff you'd have to do. I'm also preferable to the BUILT-IN network tools, all viewable via a GUI interface... even port scanning. P.S. Am I really that much of a Mac nut?
  9. It means you have to register your nickname and then identify when you log onto the server. With different servers, there are slightly different commands to do this, but on DALnet, it's all done through /nickserv. The command for registering a nickname is to first, switch to your nickname that you want, then type (in a console window, try not to do it in an active channel, in case you forget the "/" and drop your docs) "/nickserv register [your password] [your e-mail address]", without quotes and brackets. DALnet will send you a confirmation e-mail in a bit (sometimes it's quick, other times it's not). After you've registered, you can then identify with the server (login). To do this, after connecting, type "/identify [your password]" or "/nickserv identify [your password]" without quotes, for the nick you're currently using. A lot of people (including myself) have IRC clients which can do all this automatically at program startup, or you can do it through scripts and other methods as well. For more info on the topic, specifically DALnet in general, check out and Have fun!
  10. The ENIAC is 15 minutes from my parent's house. That motherfucker used vacuum tubes and shit. WORD!
  11. If they want the addresses bad enough, they can read the article and do a little research. I really don't think it would be wise to drop these people's docs on the forums, because if nothing else, it's a liability issue if someone wanted to be a fucktard about it. I appreciate where you're coming from, though.
  12. That's why you use a dot-matrix printer. They were manufactured before big brother got involved. Sure, your shit might look pixelated, but at least you can print out those leet banners without having to tape the pages together. Fuck yeah.
  13. My bet would be on the video card. Try something in the $200-300 price range for one that will play most of the latest games. Prices have been dropping, so it's a good time to buy an older generation or so. Consolidating your RAM may help as well (i.e. using less chips with more RAM per chip). For a relatively cheap 1 GB stick solution, I recommend GEIL. I bought one a while back and so far it's working for me with no problems whatsoever. CS:Source runs at max everything beautifully.
  14. That's some pretty cool shit right there! It's a got-damn shame I won't be able to make it.
  15. Yeah, I saw that. It sucks.
  16. Did you get that first one from a porn shop? It looks like one of those... y'know.
  17. On that note, you either stole the ID card, or you're currently in the military. If it's the former, well, yeah, that's illegal. Even if it's yours, and you've since gotten out (It IS a goverment-controlled document.) Individual Ready Reserve ID cards don't use SMART technology (they're the old-school green cards, which used to be the regular active duty card before they implemented SMART cards back in 2002.) If you're in the military, cool deal. Either way, they have your pertinent info on it from your SRB, e.g., blood type, height, weight, markmanship scores, allergies and other miscellaneous medical info, social (of course, it's printed ON the card) and various other things. When I was in, they had just implemented it, and it was only a 4 kb chip. I'm sure they've made strides to increase the capacity, so know it can hold more shit. Eventually, I believe they're going to try and integrate PKI and other authentication technologies into it, so you'd have to swipe it to log onto a military network. Not sure, though. And just to cover my ass, I'm not dropping docs on the military. This is all public domain shit:
  18. A SMART Card is a card with an implanted microchip in it. They can also have barcodes and magnetic stripes as well.
  19. Does that include me? I can't find them anywhere... Custom-made? They're fucking cool.
  20. I wouldn't imagine so, since the directories are still there, and viewable (in some cases), just not spiderable. You can simply append "robots.txt" to the end of a URL to see if they have one. If they do, check it out and manually go to the links. It seems as if Intellitamper does this by using a dictionary "attack" on a site, by testing to see if any directories exist with the name it's currently testing. In and of itself, that's nothing more than automated web hacking.
  21. So was Alcohol 101 considered warez? ← Alcohol 120% certainly was.
  22. That is fucking awesome! Great find!
  23. Why don't you just put the cursor where you want it and use one of those liquid-filled drinking birds to click the mouse? Anyhow, check this out. Just what are you up to, anyway? :devil:
  24. That's all well and good, but the Marine Corps' got dibs on that.