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  1. There should be a tab in that very same window where you can copy the setting of the current folder to every one on your computer. Alternatively, I hear that once you configure a windows the way you'd like it to be set up, you can press and hold CTRL while clicking the "X" to close it, and it should make every folder like that as well. It's early and I can't remember if that works or not.
  2. It may just be a measure to protect you from heartache and discontent. Think about it. Cable companies and ISPs are (now) working with the government, it seems, which may not be as bad as you first think. Blocked sites may be things such as known terrorist info dissemination sites, etc., and by blocking them, your ISP may just be saving you some hassle from having to answer an investigator's questions down the road. If, however, you feel that you're willing to take that risk and bite the bullet to have access to sites of such nature, then by all means, call them up and demand to be unblocked from the service you pay for. I use Comcast, and have yet to see "blocked by Comcast" or some such message, and since all the sites I end up going to aren't blocked, I don't see a reason to raise issue with anything yet.
  3. Perhaps the second one changes to a default admin password or something to aid techs in replacing bad components (Once parts are disassembled, etc.) You can try and call IBM and SE them to find out. Just a thought.
  4. Now we have more than enough screens of it.
  5. They don't play nice together. In my experience, sometime the Windows Security Center picks up on it, sometimes it doesn't. Your best bet is to make sure everything's updated (Windows Update and AVG.)
  6. I'll take this wonderful opportunity to let anyone and everyone who's interested in submitting an article exactly how the process works. If you'd like a chance to get it into the magazine, send 'er over to*, and we'll take a look at it. From there, it goes through a review process, where we decide if something similar has been published in previous issues or other sources, take a look at it for content, structure and basic spelling and grammar (<-- not a huge issue, but please put forth some effort.) Then, we decide what articles get approved. If your article DOESN'T get approved, rest assured that we will send it back to you with suggestions on how to improve it, and you're always welcome to resubmit at anytime. Just make sure to get it back to us before the submission deadline. The current deadline for issue 3.2 hasn't even been discussed yet, so it's still an open road. Otherwise, just post that baby up on DocDroppers. Thanks for the support! We're ALWAYS looking for content, and, IMHO, submitting for <BR> Magazine is the way to go! Any aspiring writers out there looking for tips or feedback before they submit can contact me at, and please include "BRR Article Help" in your subject line so you don't get throw in the round e-file. Once again, thanks for the offer, and we look forward to your articles! *Keep in mind, if you do want to submit articles for inclusion into the mag, we respectfully request that you don't release it anywhere else. Yeah, we're exclusive-grubbin' whores like that.
  7. I heard they were going for $80 at Defcon... were you really that insane, or are you just filthy rich?
  8. Cemptiom, In case you haven't read the board rules yet (viewable at the top of every page), please do so here. While you're not quite breaking rule #3, you're coming awfully close to something that could be regarded as a taboo subject, and one that I don't believe you'll get a lot of support for. That being said, we encourage discussion of ALL things technology related on these forums, so let's keep it legal. Reminder: Posters of any links to warez will be banned.
  9. Please! What kind of guy do you think I am? Of course!
  10. Did you even bother to read his post? He needs the XP CD key, not a password.
  11. For those of you who didn't know, a neat little factoid: The Washington Post and are two competing companies, with no umbrella corporation owning both. Nifty, eh?
  12. That shit's dumb, illegal, and if you attempt it, I HOPE YOU GET CAUGHT. Breaking and entering is a serious offense (even more so if done at night; a first-degree felony in most states), and you're going to be cutting off a lot of opportunities for yourself if you get busted. No more right to vote, which means no more right to bitch about politics, among a host of others, not to mention working shitty jobs for the rest of your life. DON'T BE A FUCKING MORON. THINK ABOUT IT. And in case there was any doubt, neither myself, the DDP, nor Binary Revolution support this activity in any way, shape or form. Opinions and comments on trespassing, breaking and entering, and various other illegal things that may be discussed on this board from time to time are wholly attributable to their respective posters, and are NOT in any way corroborated by us.
  13. Fuckin' sweet man! Good find. :voteyes:
  14. Just for the record, exchanging your iPod for a new one wasn't an SE... it's practically store policy now. When I went in to get the logic board on my PowerBook replaced, while I was waiting in line at the Genius Bar, I witnessed three people come in with defective iPods and walk out of the store with brand new ones. I think Apple sends the broke on out to get fixed, then sells it as a refurb for a nominally lower cost. Anyone looking to save some cash on Apple hardware should check out the refurb table they've got in the back... it's no different than if you got something brand new, had something break on it, and then got it fixed yourself.
  16. Go to Cisco's site to learn what routers, hubs and switches look like. Basically, they're rack-mountable and have lots of ethernet ports on them with corresponding activity LEDs.
  17. Hey no problem.
  18. No problem. Fuck, if you guys wanted to sardine the shit, I could charge $10 a head for "PsypherX's Hostel." Seriously though, I expect sexual favors.
  19. Because apparently everyone's gay for djmollusk. On a side note, give droops a top hat and he's automagically transformed into our 16th President.
  20. KHO can hack weed like nobody's business.
  21. I'd let you crash at my place, but I do believe droops and the missus already have dibs. If you're really hard-pressed for cash and no one objects to it, I've got some floorspace if you want to bring a sleeping bag or something.
  22. Considering it's in my city, I'll definitely be reppin'! The Wardman's a nice-ass hotel, too, so the package deals conference attendees will get will definitely be worth it.
  23. I just noticed half of those pictures got Omniscanned! Pwned! Man, that looked like fun. Maybe in a couple of years.
  24. Yeah, I know, but it didn't seem right to crop Droops out. ← Just because you didn't doesn't mean someone else isn't going to!
  25. *sigh* It's "Hackers and Crackers," by Zearle. You can get all his music by going to And yes, there will be another episode of HackTV. As to when, that's based on content and editing time, which may take a while.