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  2. Did you actually look at the program, man? You'd have to scroll through at least two or three (and that's being conservative) parts of the page, print screen them, then stitch them together in an image-editing program to do what this thing does in two seconds.
  3. Which you can still do at the Apple Store. From the bench out front with your own laptop, in fact.
  4. and eBay are your best bets for cheap stuff. It also helps to check out local used computer shops as well.
  5. Yeah, they lock Terminal down in the Apple Store now. Shitty, too, because I was going to put my client info on all the machines there.
  6. Check out They've got a kick-ass integrated plugin manager for everything from photos to fighting comment spam, etc. Read up on it here, it's pretty fucking sweet.
  7. You're right, it's not the best analogy. The Simpsons is a weekly show that's been going for more than ten years with plenty of reruns every day of the week, at multiple times per day, on different channels, so comparing it to the trivial 100+ times you've heard the BRR theme song wouldn't be quite right. My bad.
  8. You're telling me you haven't watched them at least 100 times? Ok, to clarify, you're saying you want The Simpsons to change their opening music after 14 years (and way more than 100 episodes)?
  9. If you have a Mac and are interested in Cocoa, I suggest Aaron Hildegass' "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X Second Edition." Otherwise, get a sweet-ass PHP book, which I'll be in the market for myself eventually, so I don't have any recommendations for that so far.
  10. Tell that to MTV.
  11. Interesting info, but that one photo (you know what I'm talking about) is, and always will be, fucking nasty.
  12. Make sure you set the port as 5222, and select "Use TLS if available" option if you can. Also, apparently they're no longer allowing just usernames anymore, and you have to input your full e-mail address. That being said, Hook it up, mang!
  13. That's like asking George Lucas to change the intro to Star Wars.
  14. Those fuckers! I was on it since before 8:00 tonight with nothing to show for it!
  15. From what I understand, it's just Jabber for now. Just like you can only talk with AIM users with the native AOL Instant Messenger, and with other MSN users through the native MSN Messenger. However, you're still more than welcome to help yourself to the plethora of multi-chat clients out there, of which Trillian is king for Windows, Gaim is for Linux/Unix, and AdiumX (IMHO) is for Mac OS X.
  16. Use the source, my son.
  17. Some of them are rather image intensive, though.
  18. It's not my own, but have you ever thought about chip music? Check out It's kick-ass, especially the Depeche Mode Megamix by nullsleep.
  19. Wrong. A classic case of delaying the inevitable. You can't stop them all, and they will continue to flourish unless legislation is passed. Oh, that's right, that won't do shit, since most of these places are out of the U.S.! Your best bet in combating these fools is education. If you were to set up an educational site warning about these fake banks and spam the shit out of that half as much as you promote "The Antidote" and whatever else you've got, you'd make more of a difference. If you're trying to starve something, what's better? Tearing down a grocery store (temporarily, no less), or getting rid of the food?
  20. Dude, did you even read the thread?
  21. I'd recommend Perl. It's fun, easy to get into quickly (especially if you have a solid programming theory foundation), and allows you to do absolutely awesome things. Not to mention, there's TONS of free resources on the net to help you out. Whatever you choose, have fun!
  22. Actually, not true. It's much more involved than just that... anyone who's worked in radio should know this (e.g. Me).
  23. If it has some sort of authentication method, as trivial and/or as "on default" as it is; if you're not supposed to be there and you go there, the possibility exists that you can be caught and charged. Not worth it.
  24. They've been using PKI in the U.S. military for about five years now... so, given the penchant for network and information security that Uncle Sam has, I'm led to believe that they can be pretty well safeguarded... it's all about keeping your info safe. The main threat to PKI is NOT TO GIVE OUT/LOSE YOUR PRIVATE KEY (which should be stored on your ID card)! Therefore, be leary of where you swipe it, if you ever need to, and don't lose your wallet, as some tech-minded individual might pick it up and own you.
  25. It doesn't work at ALL under Linux? Chances are you might have to do some research and write your own for it. Sucks, I know, but it might end up being your only solution. I have a Logitech MX-500 hooked up to a KVM switch between my PC and Linux box, and every button except the usual two don't work for shit in Linux. There are driver tutorials out there for mine, but I said fuck it - just not enough time and need.