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  1. The PCI card would probably be best - it'd be cheaper and self-contained, and you'd have less wires to deal with. If you're looking to mod your AP so it can reach greater distances, however, you'd want to opt for the external AP.
  2. More good stuff - cool, thanks guys!
  3. Thanks for the tips, and yes, I'm talking about free, legal downloads. ^^^ Infonomicon kicks ass, btw.
  4. They better be fucking free then. We're already getting charged through taxes for them - they better not charge us twice.
  5. Count me in.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out, Riscphree. Of course, everyone should be using Firefox anyway
  7. Definitely signed. As to whether or not it will actually do anything, that's another story. Best of luck - I hope this crap stops soon (it won't). The RIAA pisses me off. :cuss:
  8. Personally, I like the feeling of a fresh wipe and install myself
  9. Neither am I, but it's your best bet for now. Here's a quick dirty-dirty on WPA I just found right fast: Good stuff. EDIT: Sounds like the makings of a sweet article - mind if I steal the idea from you? (I'm a whore for Wi-Fi )
  10. I can't remember if you were in the IRC channel when this came up earlier today, but yeah, that thing is scary as hell. Some cool ones to try: -Angelina Jolie (<--- is hot, I don't care what anyone says) -George Bush (in D.C.) -Stephen King (in Maine) -Cal Ripken -Jenna Jameson (not sure if it's actually her)
  11. Hell yeah, definitely. It's been pointed out that with packet injection, a man in the middle attack can lay waste to WEP in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. Granted, I haven't done any thorough research into the insecurities of WPA quite yet, but I know that WEP isn't all it's cracked up to be. Besides, there are additional things you can do to secure your wireless network, whether you use WEP or WPA: 1) Disable SSID broadcast 2) Enable MAC address filtering 3) Disable web-based router configuration 4) Limit the number of available DHCP addresses Hope this helps!
  12. Wherever these guys come from, you have to admit the whole idea sounds sweet as hell.
  13. Yeah, but for a first-timer? I don't think so.
  14. R. Lee is definitely bad ass. I've had the pleasure of meeting him in person twice, and he's about as hardcore as they get. Great guy.
  15. I listened to the episode today after downloading it last night, and I have to say, I agree with elchoaro entirely. I try to listen to the stream, but usually just end up downloading it once it hits the archives and listening then, so the experience was seamless for me. Either way, it was an awesome show. Thanks for being upfront about everything too, even though you didn't have to be (free show, etc.) Best of luck with fixing the problems!
  16. In case you haven't already found out elsewhere (which you probably have), Tiger offers three different upgrade methods: 1. Complete reinstall. This formats everything and you start with a clean install of 10.4. 2. Archive and install. This takes all your files, saves them to a folder on your hard drive called "Previous Systems", and installs 10.4, and finally... 3. Upgrade. Simply adds on to what you've already got. For some more really good info on Tiger (not just about upgrading options), check out I can't wait to get it myself, but I'll have to wait a bit for the old wallet to fatten up again :/ Hope this helps!
  17. I agree with all the realists. This story, while seemingly possible, just doesn't seem to make sense. Someone out his first time SE'ing would more likely get cold feet with something as huge as this. In most jurisdictions, this would fall under the category of grand larceny, with the possibility of spending time in a federal penitentiary. Now how many first-timers do you honestly think would risk that, even for a laptop? As far as getting all James Bond with the multiple layers of glue, baby powder on a fake tattoo for realism, hair dye, instant tan... c'mon now.