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  1. Very, very cool. Definitely worth downloading into your collection of text files.
  2. Excellent insight with both of your posts. I agree that people lack patience in today's society, and that is a shame. I'm guilty of it myself from time to time, as I'm sure everyone is. The fact of the matter is, you're not going to learn everything overnight. Hell, you might not learn anything overnight. While it's still a good guideline that you should learn something new every day, if for some reason you don't, don't sweat it! This is where patience comes in. As far as most teenagers being mature, I'm going to have to disagree with that part (assuming you're speaking intellectually). The reason so many of them want to take shortcuts is the result of youthful exuberance to see a finished product with a bit of immaturity mixed in. As they do mature, however, they start to see how patience truly is a virtue. They look at past projects and see how they could have been better if they had only taken their time, and hopefully apply THAT new knowledge to the problem or project at hand. Oddly enough, the same technology we all love is a main reason for the general laziness and impatience being bred in today's youths. It makes things easier to do, quicker to put together and nearly effortless to publish. The problem with that is instead of using these technologies as a tool, whatever they may be in each scenario, most people tend to use them as a crutch, which ultimately leads them to their downfall. Hell, this forms the basis for one of literature's arguably greatest classics, The Time Machine. People need to be able to discern the difference between using a technology and relying on it. For instance, IP address calculators are great for translating IPs into binary and finding out valid blocks of addresses, but to depend on such a program won't help you when you go to get your MCSE.
  3. Iced tea is still the best, and arguably the best for you out of all the previously mentioned drinks.
  4. Did you just upgrade as well?
  5. Got a link? I Googled for it, but somehow I don't think is quite right.
  6. Well, dammit. That's what I get for referring to a link someone posted without researching it first.
  7. Did you read the whole topic? JamesMalone posted a link to, where you can download it. Also, it wouldn't have helped if you were there on Tuesday anyway - the stream was broken, too.
  8. Shit like this pisses me off. He's not a hacker, he's an extortionist. FUCKING-ASS MEDIA! It's a damn shame, too, since I used to BE the media. I never pulled shit like this, though.
  9. That sucks.
  10. It seems at first glance that you need to mod your PS2 in order to play burnt DVDs. Check this out for more info:
  11. When LokiTorrent and a few other sites of that nature got shut down, there was talk of it actually NOT being illegal, at least in the technical sense. The reasoning was that you were just downloading a .torrent file, not an actual movie file in it's entirety. I guess it's the same kind of reasoning where a person can purchase a handgun legally, but use it for illegal means. Meh, I don't download illegal torrents anyway, so it's a moot point.
  12. Yeah, I've been having problems as well. I was talking to Slick0 last night in #binrev and he said they're having some problems. I'm sure it'll all get straightened out soon enough.
  13. I'll be placing my order in a few months once all my credit card debt's been taken care of. I cut up my cards today, so that's a great start for me.
  14. It's definitely not a good idea.
  15. So, what does everyone think about Cingular buying AT&T Wireless? I also heard Sprint is merging with Nextel. This is insider information, so please, keep it quiet. In other news, everyone has brain farts every once in a while, even the best of us. But damn, that's what the search function is for.
  16. LOL! Nice, dude. Very, very nice. I only wish you started earlier!
  17. I agree with Twirlz. There are plenty of great resources here and I'm sure you will find out ALL you need to know with a combination of the following: -These forums -Listen to old episodes of Binary Revolution Radio! (INVALUABLE!!!) Those are just listed as a start, but you will find plenty of other great resources on the Web as well. If there's one piece of advice I can give you, it will be to NOT GIVE UP! Things get complicated, yes, but with time and practice everything will begin to make sense. If you want, e-mail me at PsypherX !!AT!! psypherx !!DOT!! com and I'll provide you with a copy of an article I wrote entitled, "The Beginner's Mindset: Coping with Pitfalls in the Pursuit of Knowledge." (I'm not sure it's going to get picked up by BinRev magazine.) Best of luck to you, and welcome to the forums!
  18. *fondly remembers Episode IV*
  19. In a word, yes. There are a bunch of different statutes depending on where you live, but chances are if the dumpster is stored on company property, it's trespassing. There are also the argument that, "Hey, the dumpster's stored in the alley, on PUBLIC property!" I'm not a lawyer, but I'm sure there are some rather complicated laws dictating that as well. Your best bet is to look it up for your specific locality. There's a good episode of BinRev Radio that covers this in a little more detail, but I can't remember the episode number offhand. Take a look through the archives and see if you can't dig something up. Have fun, but be safe and cover your ass.
  20. t3st.s3t: I now transfer my hate for Strom over to you. Obfuscated: Nice play on words, dude.
  21. I'm not going to keep calling you out on this. You know what you did. More importantly, Stank knows what you did. That's the end of that. The reason I'm so disappointed? Read on. As far as "there are A LOT of message boards out there with Haters forums and N00bs forums" goes, yes, I understand that. In today's world, there is very little originality when it comes to most things, which is why it's so fucking cool when something original does come along. I believe Binary Revolution crosses that line of "just another hacking site" in every way imaginable - the projects, the knowledge, the community. There's also something to be said about solidarity. When something as special, as original, and as interactive as Binary Revolution comes along, just fucking embrace it! Please! There's no telling how many would-be hackers and "information aficionados" came to the Internet looking for a strong, cohesive source of information, only to find a bunch of different splinter groups and hollow remainders of once-crappy hacking sites who thought they could do their own thing by copying someone else. It's no wonder people give up! Do something original and contribute to the community by doing more than creating a forum that points all hacking-related questions to Binary Revolution. Shit, contribute to BinRev! You could use the time and money otherwise spent on hosting costs and moderation issues to thoroughly research and prepare some kick-ass articles that could go in BinRev magazine. This lack of participatory attitude WILL BE the downfall of the hacker community if it continues to thrive. This is why it's so important that we unify our skills, knowledge, and technical assets--to forge a community that's capable of withstanding and defending against unlawful prosecution, misguided ideals and the unfortunate mindset of society in general. I understand that you want to do your own thing; to attain and enjoy the prosperity that Binary Revolution (and StankDawg, in particular) worked so hard to achieve. But like you mentioned yourself, you're way too busy to work on what's currently a SMALL site. We all seem to take for granted this finely-tuned production that is Binary Revolution and the efforts of the DDP without giving it much thought. There's a LOT of hard fucking work to be done, and like Stank's mentioned many times on the show, on these boards and in IRC, it's all in addition to real-world shit; which as well all should know by now, can and will be hectic as all fuck, AND at the most inopportune times. Perhaps you should have given this some thought and thanked StankDawg for what he has accomplished (with the help of SUPPORTERS, I might add), instead of slapping him in the face by blatantly copying this site. I really do wish you the best of luck, honestly. I really mean that. I liken you to what little StankDawg must have been like when he decided to put together this little thing we all call BinRev. The only difference? He did it right--the original way, sometimes the hard way, but he got it done (once again, with the help of supporters). I'm really not trying to be a dick here, but this is something I feel strongly about. I just wish that more people could give some thought to the big picture instead of seeking "hacker glory" or whatever the fuck it is they think they're after. HOLY FUCKING SHIT/END OF FUCKING RANT.
  22. I suppose the "Nubie Corner" and "Haters" forums are your idea as well? These still persist, even after Stank talked to you about blatantly ripping shit off this board. EDIT: Also, as a favor to Strom, you spelled General wrong.
  23. IT WASN'T ME!!!! I have no beef with gay people.
  24. It may be a little different on Debian, as the DSL HD install had a few quirks of it's own, but I believe I spent an hour dicking around with X86Setup and manually editing my X86 Config file to limit the resolution to 800x600. There's also the option (with DSL, not sure if Debian has it) of booting at the LILO prompt with "fb[Width]x[Height]". That sets the framebuffer to use the resolution you specify, which in my case was "fb800x600." Hope that helps, or at least points you in the right direction.
  25. Be prepared for a rash of well-deserved "You're another BinRev ripoff" posts. That's all I have to say.