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  1. Yeah, I had some RL things pop up that absolutely couldn't be controlled, so I'm sorry I had to dip out on this one. And yeah, reminders go a long way in making sure people stay aware of the meetings.
  2. Does anyone have a caravan? I think it'd be cool to cram like 8 guys into a caravan and go wardriving while discussing random tech crap. BinRev meeting on the road, anyone? I've got a camcorder, so depending on where we meet, etc., I'll video the meetings so we can post them (wherever for now, most likely YouTube, then embed them later somewhere).
  3. I'm down, as I live in NoVA, within walking distance to the metro. Also, Sbarro rocks socks.
  4. I just ordered an Orinoco Gold Classic 802.11b card, along with a 7.0 dBi 9" magnetic antenna with 5' low-loss cable to add to my nifty collection of wardriving/plotting gear. I have a Garmin etrex Venture that I have hooked up via a serial-to-USB cable adapter that sends coordinate info to my PowerBook running Kismac. Man, I can't wait to get the rest of that stuff and canvas my new neighborhood. Now I just need to get my power inverter working again, since the cigarette lighter attachment blew the fuse and I've yet to replace it.
  5. For starters, get the Adobe Premiere Trial. I love that program. Don't have the full version, though. Otherwise, get Avid Free DV ( Be prepared full a rather steep learning curve, if you're not already familiar with it, or have some sort of formal training. I used an Avid system for over a year when I was doing TV news, and it's fully capable. Not sure about how many features the free version has, but I believe it will cover all your bases quite nicely.
  6. Hahah that's fucking awesome! I might just have to buy that this weekend just to look for that scene (or frame).
  7. If you're not using an FTP client, like WFTP or CuteFTP or (and I recommend this one) SmartFTP, then simply use Internet Explorer and use the following format: That should set you straight.
  8. im thinking about ordering from them... was what you got something not functionally the same as an orinoco? ← Bah - it works - I just had to spend some extra time digging around for a compatible driver for my PowerBook, when I had something else lined up and it didn't work. No biggie though - I had a run-in with a seperate hosting provider for another one of my projects and I guess I had a bit of short-fuse syndrome going on. All in all - I took my laptop, gps, new PCMCIA card, and all assorted cables out for a test drive tonight, and it performed great. My only problem now is that my inverter keeps shorting out . It blew the cigarette lighter fuse in my car a while ago, since I guess it takes more than 150 watts to run my PowerBook, so I hooked it up to my car battery today just to test it, and the first time I turned it on, my car battery sparked. I turned it off, then disconn'ed and reconnected the inverter, and it wouldn't turn on. I'll try again tomorrow, but it seems as if my dream of riding around with an inverter won't work that great - at least not the one under my hood. Does anyone know of some relatively inexpensive large, rechargeable, 12V batteries that I can clip my inverter to?
  9. Those sons of bitches at sent me a Dell TrueMobile card instead of a fucking Orinoco Gold Classic, which is WHAT THEY FUCKING ADVERTISED. I know for all intents and purposes, it's damn near the same card, since Lucent manufacture(s/d) Orinoco cards for Proxim, and Lucent also manufactures Dell's cards, but WTF has happened to TRUTH IN FUCKING ADVERTISING?! What a way to kick off my week! WOO!
  10. Well, I can't speak for EVERYONE here, but I know a lot of people who visit these forums are of the "White Hat" mentality. As for me, I'm never going to get close to even crossing that line - I have much too much to lose. Besides, that's what home networks and such are for. Break your own shit. ← The whole white hat black hat shit was made by a bunch of assholes. There's no such thing. Hackers hack, end of story. ← Thus proving you have much yet to learn.
  11. This has to be the absolute shittiest execution of modding the Source Engine I've seen. Every rule has its exceptions, but the majority of the hackers I know don't have the capacity to go running around willy-nilly with SAWED-OFF SHOTGUNS and shit. They even fucking modeled a FLOPPY DISK. ROFL.
  12. NO FUCKING SHIT! Everyone wants to be a Mac-user! This just proves it! HAHAHAH! P.S. Totally screwed with me on my PowerBook. The dock effects were awesome though.
  13. Scratch the thing about free cash - I've gotta front the bill for a press dinner coming up next month to the tune of $400. And I thought it was taken care of.
  14. Hah! I'm just looking for an excuse to spend some of my free cash and have fun with technology for a little while. Much like everything else, the novelty wears off, but there's just something badass about running around with an inverter, GPS unit, hotspot detector, laptop, and all the nifty cables and shit that it entails. Now all I have to do is change the "DING!" sound Kismac makes when it finds an open hotspot to Admiral Ackbar saying, "IT'S A TRAP!" and I'll be all set.