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  1. Yeah, I had some RL things pop up that absolutely couldn't be controlled, so I'm sorry I had to dip out on this one. And yeah, reminders go a long way in making sure people stay aware of the meetings.
  2. Does anyone have a caravan? I think it'd be cool to cram like 8 guys into a caravan and go wardriving while discussing random tech crap. BinRev meeting on the road, anyone? I've got a camcorder, so depending on where we meet, etc., I'll video the meetings so we can post them (wherever for now, most likely YouTube, then embed them later somewhere).
  3. I'm down, as I live in NoVA, within walking distance to the metro. Also, Sbarro rocks socks.
  4. For starters, get the Adobe Premiere Trial. I love that program. Don't have the full version, though. Otherwise, get Avid Free DV ( Be prepared full a rather steep learning curve, if you're not already familiar with it, or have some sort of formal training. I used an Avid system for over a year when I was doing TV news, and it's fully capable. Not sure about how many features the free version has, but I believe it will cover all your bases quite nicely.