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  1. Bumping this. The world needs more Default.
  2. Fantastic idea. Making it a frame-able award is even better.
  3. So awesome to have Default back. I just started listening, word to having the same KMFDM intro song.
  5. Well if I was Doug I wouldn't discuss my satellite hijacking operations either.
  6. To promote this on the internet you need a ware of some sort that can linked to and spread around. Instead of having random sample pages, include the first chapter for free. Or pick out the chapter(s) you think will grab people's interest the most and do that. Then from there you can get smaller sites/blogs/podcasts to mention it then hopefully it will get picked up by some of the bigger sites like digg and reddit. Get people hooked and they'll buy it to see the rest. Oh yeah, Stumbleupon is a great way to get some exposer quickly.
  7. I wouldn't call that a "pyramid scheme". It sounds a lot like a lottery, in fact. To avoid being classified as a lottery, all contests and sweepstakes (in the USA at least) usually have a way to enter for free or without purchasing a product. Check the fine print and you should see it.
  8. The brand new info in this episode is leet. Thanks!
  9. Only 3 replies? Bullshit. Default radio is the leetest shit ever. I look forward to the next installment.
  10. I can't speak for binrev but when I used to do my show I used the command line version of LAME. I would imagine LAME is the most popular encoder whether people realize they're using it or not.
  11. You don't need news stand coverage to sell a printed zine. Dig Zine for example is sold directly from their site
  12. Looks like this is getting some press Edit: And a digg submission spawned from that consumerist page. Digg it!
  13. Sounds interesting. Is there a way to download an mp3 or ogg? Edit: Never mind I figured it out. Found it in the rss feed. I'm allergic to flash audio players
  14. Zal these holiday themed logos are potentially the coolest shit ever. Here are a couple links to give you ideas. The more you can make the better. :voteyes:
  15. I dig this one