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  1. krovaxq reporting ^^; stumbled upon this forum as I googled ways to disable power-on password on my HP laptop... very stressed right now =(
  2. Hello... Im new here. I have downloaded unlock6 and tried it, did not work.. could it be my model isnt supported? frm the readme.txt of this unlock6 theyre :- HARDWARE PLATFORMS AFFECTED: HP Compaq nx7200 Notebook PC, HP Pavilion dv4000 Notebook PC, HP Pavilion dv4100 Notebook PC, HP Pavilion dv4200 Notebook PC, Compaq Presario V4000 Notebook PC, Compaq Presario V4100 Notebook PC, Compaq Presario V4200 Notebook PC n im using HP Pavilion dv3029TX.. My laptop has been stranded for 2 weeks, 1 was bcoz of corrupted HDD, n i jz bought a new HDD, n this problem popped.. I followed the instructions:- If the notebook you are servicing has an unknown password, follow these steps to clear the password. These steps also clear CMOS: 1. Enter an incorrect password and press enter. 2. Repeat Step 1 two times. After the third entry of the incorrect password, the notebook responds with a "system Disabled" message and provides an override password. 3. On working computer, access MS/DOS by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. pass 4. Change directories to C:\Swsetup\Unlock6 5. Enter "unlock6 xxxxx 0", where "xxxxx" is the word generated by the notebook in Step 2. The notebook responds with another system-generated password. This password can be used to unlock the notebook and reset the password. It says, enter incorrect pw ONCE, and enter again TWICE, means pc is disabled... so once i got the unlock6, do I restart back the PC n enter the unlocked or, enter as soon as its disabled? im confused, but none ways worked... pls help..thanks in advance!