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  1. check your PM's again Leo lol.
  2. check your PM's Lio.
  3. indexphinger: i can try to take it apart, but first i have to go up to homedepot or something and get some 5 pointed screw drivers. i did some searching and got a memory card in it, but it's internal so yeah, gotta take it apart. mungewell: i have a windows computer, no unix or anything like that unfortunately. any way to do it with windows? phasma: it does have some sort of port at the bottom, but as far as i know it connects to the charging port they had in the store. maybe i can find just a mobile 2 usb cord online though.
  4. yeah i just took a normal phone line and cut the red wire inside and attached it to a 9v battery and a 330 ohm resistor which i read regulates current or something like that.
  5. (besides the obvious) Itermec ck60 barcode scanner. Is there anything I can do with this? It runs Windows Mobile 5 but doesn't have a wireless card. it does have blue tooth but not more than that. Is there anything i can do to it to make it connect to a wireless network? It seems like i can get it to connect through bluetooth through my cellphone to some sort of network, my cellphone makes a "data call" but nothing goes through and the website will never come up. i attached a picture of it and a picture of the loading screen for reference.. thanks
  6. hey rbcp, where can i get one of these 3 position switches? do you have a link by any chance?
  7. hey thanks guys! all of that information is think is going to help me! i'd be happy for any other information on the subject as well. this is turning into something of a hobby for me and any links that might help or useful tips/tricks/etc will be much appreciated! :edit: would i find the 3 position switch at radioshack? and yes rbcp, it does work at 9v just as an intercom system. but it seems to only work with the simple cheapy phones you can get at att or wherever for 5 dollars that only run on AC and with no ring.
  8. Hi, this is my second post. I'm building a little two way phone network thing that i plan on expanding eventually. right now i simply have set up two phones powered by a 9v battery and a 330 ohm resistor. i'm just wondering what a easy way i can make the other end ring is. i've read that you need a 90v battery but i'm not sure where i would wire it. would i just replace the 9v with the 90v? (or whatever volt battery i would need). i appreciate your replies.
  9. Hello, major nubie here haha. i've been browsing this website a lot recently and thought i'd sign up. so hi everyone! look forward to meeting you