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  1. Thanks for the help, everyone... Now no one will ever be able to track me HAHAHHAHAHHAAH!
  2. I did a Google search but I still I can’t seem to find (working) anonymous proxy servers. Anyone here have a big juicy list of some good ones I can test out?
  3. Game Shark?
  4. If you have Linux, I REALLY reccomend setting up Asterisk. It'll be a freaking awesome learning experience, plus it's about as badass as it comes Yes, in essence you could. You could set it up with FWD and use it that way, but just to use FWD, it's more work than you would want if you don't want all the other stuff you can do with it. FWD is free, and they give you a 5/6 digit number people can cal you with, that way your IP doesn't have to go public. Do you want to just be able to talk to other people and that's it, or do you want to set up a full funtioning PBX? Time will be consumed by this, I warn you. You won't regret it if you do it though. With this 5/6 digit number people with Asterisk can call me and I can FWD that call to my IP (computer), right? I am only talking about the net, not a phone line. Is Asterisk like a serverD or something that waits for this number on the net? Also how would computer users (that do not have Asterisk) talk to me? So I need to add my number to this net server?
  5. Asterisk If I had Asterisk setup, would other computer users be able to call me using my IP? I am interested in VOIP but not sure if i want to pay for a plan.
  6. What do you like better then skype? Also free?
  7. I have a home network using a NAT router and I was wondering if anyone had any tricks, tips, suggestions or stories about messing around with networks. This topic is not restricted to just home networks but anything you find interesting, useful or just funny. I guess Ill start. If you are running a windows box that is networked you can send messages to people with a Dos command. You will need their IP or computer name. #1. click START menu then RUN #2. in the text box type cmd then click OK #3. A dos window will appear you will have to type the command (NET SEND), the users IP (192.168.XXX.XXX) or computer name and the message then press enter. It should look something like this: Net send 192.168.435.334 U R A n00b & Im 1337!!! ^command ^IP or Com name ^message When the other computer receives it, the message will look like a grey message box with what you typed and an OK button. I did this in class once but like the idiot I am instead of putting an IP address I put a star * and it went to everyone in the class including the teacher. Then I ran out. LoL the good old days… I will post some other fun stuff when I come back from work.
  8. Thanks to everyone for the info. Now all I have to do is find a good (Anonymous) proxy server. Any suggestions?? Im looking for some with google right now but if you have any good ones that i might have miss i would appreciate it.
  9. WoW Thanks!! That program works great! I found Dir's and file sources i would have never found on my own thanks a lot!!!!!! :devil:
  10. Hello!! This is my first post here and I hope to hang out for many years to come. I would like to state that I only want to LOOK around. I do NOT want to damage anything. Anyway, I was wondering how to find out the directory structure of a web site (httpd file server)? For example, if you go to any web site www.blablabl.com and if you were to type www.blablabl.com/images/ you would most likely see a list of all the images used on the web page. Now let’s say I also wanted to find out other directories to look in. Complicating the situation, no other directories are in the source code plus the site is in PHP. Now if, IF this web server were Linux based and I where to type www.blablabl.com/images/ ls (no space) where would the output go? I get an error. Right now I am going to check out something someone told me about (uni code) but I don’t know if this will help me and I am guessing the most servers have this off by default (I think) I would appreciate any information. Thanks………