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  1. Thank you for the ideas.
  2. I am want to install BackTrack3 on my Laptop which is a Compaq Presario (1.8ghz, 1.50 Memory, and a 80 gig hard drive with windows Vista. I want to completely Wipe out windows vista and put BackTrack3 on. I have searched on google came up with a bit and some from offensive-security. I have not done an install like this before, So it is a challenge and would like some input on weather the quote here would work for a complete install, any information on how to do something like this would help and is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you. Wow spent that much time and thought that was live. That is helped out a lot.
  4. I downloaded Kubuntu 8.04 i386, for my 8 gig usb stick and used USB start up disk creator. I was successful in creating it and i am able to boot into the menu where it will ask you for langauge So i pick English. Then from there it goes to the main menu where it asks to install to try kubuntu with out changes to computer and install to hard disk. If install to hard disk would that go to my computers hard drive or the usb? If any one has a good idea for getting a os to work on a usb would be greatly appreciated.
  5. This site has all kinds of little tutorials You can find everything at the top. I am not much into using tools that i do not understand But i am still a newbie.
  6. Everyone here thank you so much. I am learning lots of great stuff and hope to contribute in the same way you all have. :voteyes:
  7. Thank you. Good way to do it. I jotted that down.
  8. Just looking for a good place to start. do appreciate the advice. I will do the research just needed some ideas thank you
  9. Well i am still getting things figured out. So anything is useful. thank you
  10. I am learning python right now. I would like to learn a little bit about web-programming. I would like to be able to create a web-page. What should i use HTML or something else?. Thank you everyone.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I figured best place to start is working on my own systems. So i can see how things work. Had something else posted here. But answered my own question.
  12. I have my desktop setup and also a laptop. And would like to be able to play around with connecting to it. Would my router be a problem? would a firewall stop me from accessing my laptop? If there is a better way then telnet, I am open to ideas. I am still learning stuff about ubuntu. I am asking for learning purposes only.
  13. Thank you.
  14. I would like to run unix or bsd . I am currently using vista but would like to be able too switch between the two. How would i go about doing this? Open to all ideas. I have no idea how it will work.
  15. Thanks I really do appreciate it.