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  1. yeah i read some stuff online about vl4 stuff but it didnt really go into detail. ill check those links out.
  2. so im trying to convert my girlfriend to linux but she wants to use uses an adobe based web cam stream. but i cant find if that is supported in nix. so help?
  3. anyone use one?
  4. thank you thats it. its been so long since ive seen anything about it and i dont have any of the old episodes from where i use to watch it.
  5. the group of sites, they had a internet tv and radio shows. i thought they were part of DDP but i guess not? I cant find anything about them and its like it dissapeared. it was abotu surviving within the urban enviroment. MOG and other stuff. i feel dumb that i cant remember.
  6. So while waiting for food to cook i was watching latenight tv. This ad for Life Lock Identiy Theft Protection came on. In the ad the owners or wheover social security number was displayed on a truck, cards, etc. do you think that it really is his? I mean does he really has that much trust with his company? dentiy
  7. I dont know what happened to the old thread but here is a new one
  8. I started thinking about it and i cant figure out a way, maybe im just being slow though...
  9. I installed Cain but when i go to run it it says it need local adminstrator priveldges. I am adminstrator on my box so i dont understand.
  10. yeah droops I might take up on that.
  11. Yeah Its been awhile since Ive posted here on binrev, anyways I had to help my dad take a bunch of stuff to storage today and I started looking through all his old business stuff when I came upon an old TRS-80 and was like cool and then right after that what do I see? An Apple 2 plus with two floppy drives and also a box of borland C++ books. I havent had a chance to fire them up yet, but I can't wait to play with them.
  12. The best part of the story is when the lady said the virus software kept beeping.
  13. Very Interesting, anyways read it for yourself. Here You Go....
  14. Beautiful now only thing is i wish linux had better game support for the game they will eventually use that in.
  15. Thanks for posting Irongeek, I don't know what happened to my topic about it that i posted yesterday. Maybe i just thought i posted it, yesterday was a blur.