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  1. Ok.....ok.....Finally Now then. Verizon serves many states along the east coast. CT, DE, PA, NJ, NY, VA, WV etc... AND Verizon has voicemail which is easily compromised. Here are some easy steps to take to do just this ( for educational purposes of course lol ) 1. FoneFinder.net is a really neat way to see which phone companies serve what prefixes in a particular area code. Look for any that are owned by Verizon, Verizon south, etc... NOT Verizon Wireless. 2. Now you need to know if verizon acually provides this prefix with voicemail AND the access number so go to http://www6.verizon.com/vmlookup/vmlookup.asp 3. Once you get your access number try finding some working voicemail boxes. you get 3 tries before you get kicked off but once you find a working mailbox you can "recycle" your tries by pushing # then * on your last try. 4. Some trusting people never changed their passwords so it may bee the same as the last 4 digits of the phone number. When you finally find a box that has not been setup yet....IT YOURS for the taking.....the temporary password is the same as the last 4 digits. Now, Its EASY to scan for more and do many other things. Does anyone want their own FREE mailbox? I could be of help let me know
  2. Does anyone still, or is anyone interested in exploring the weaknesses of Verizon Home Voicemail? If so let me know. I have Info.