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  1. It's not hard to see you are purposely ignoring the passmark performance test. And for that matter, I'll try to fetch up some CPU performance statistics: But nvm, days will tell.
  2. As I said before, 7 takes LESS resources than XP SP3. And don't forget we're talking about the beta here.
  3. As Ohm said, the RC is out. About torrents.. I used to have some good ratio on TPB and download full-speed.. the good old times.. Anyway, private trackers are pretty damn good if you play fair. but I prefer rapidshare.
  4. I am running windows 7 x64 (build 7068) as my main operating system for around 2 months and it is way better than any windows OS I have encountered. The performance tests show it utilizes more proccesor cycles than xp sp3, it runs smoothly and without any delays. it could run on a 500Mhz with very slight delays. Very fast startup and shutdown times. Hardware is more compatible than ever, all of my devices are working fine, most of them were auto detected and drivers were installed automatically. Since I am running the 64-bit edition, there are some compatibility issues with a small amount of 32-bit based applications (like OllyDBG), so I use vmware for them. The user interface is light and responds immediatly, yet aero integrated and nice. some aspects have been improved to provide better comfortability (For example, I could change order of taskbar objects etc). Haven't faced a single BSOD (I wonder what it looks like..), no to very little bugs at all. Games work fine, DX10 with full Anti-Aliasing \ Anistrophic-Filtering work at around 60 FPS on my machine. So in general, if you are a windows lover, this must be your dream. If you're a windows hater, this is just one more OS. Either way, it's probably the best windows OS ever made.
  5. That's interesting.. I always wondered why zero-filling isn't considered sufficient for top-secret drive wiping.
  6. If that is the situation you wouldn't need the grenade drawer, just go for the gold one instead :teeth: btw bowling ball? lmao..
  7. Not that I'm aware of.. but I guess you could code it yourself, I once made something like that. You could have a program loop through all of your drives, and like you said, once any new drive gets in, have it processed (in my case it was infected). Volume label isn't a good method. I'd recommend you to check if some file exists on the root dir (i.e. stop.txt) and act accordingly. Ok, first of all we need good imaging software with command line interface. I use UltraISO and I think its the best around. Just read about the command line arguments and produce a command that meets your requirements. Then have your program execute the command without using a window handle, which makes it (relatively speaking), invisible. Imaging could sometimes take too long, so if it was me I'd use a simple file copy operation and maybe afterwards produce an image. BTW IMO you could get the best technichian software around, for free, on open-source projects like But nevertheless its a good thing to have I wrote this post assuming you already know how to program, but if you have questions regarding the detailed process, don't resist to ask
  8. Google-Fu to the rescue! and btw ie6? :umph:
  9. Just throw the cops in there But seriously, why pay 35,000 bucks when you could simply use a grenade (or even a magnet?)..
  10. Works for me, just connected to be sure.
  11. Ethernal \ Wireshark can only act as a sniffer. In most cases when initiating an MITM attack, you'll need to send some requests along to the victim and the server (i.e. ARP). This can be done by hand, using terminal commands, or with a wireshark plugin. but generally i prefer ettercap for these purposes.
  12. CRT.. Use high refresh rates if you don't wanna catch up an eye strain.. and stay away from your monitor for a few minutes for every hour or so.
  13. Ettercap is less memory-consuming, (not to speak of when used without the GUI ). Cain is sometimes heavy.
  14. The law is one thing. Of course you cannot distinguish between hackers that are hacking for the challenge of it, and real cyber-criminals. I do not say kevin mitnick should have not been arrested, he did careless acts and brought that onto himself. The law system is designated in such way so that once you cross the line, no matter wha't your motives were, you get punished. But at least he didn't hurt anyone. He was only solving a puzzle. And that is what disturbs me when someone compares Kevin Mitnick to TPB.
  15. Nice strategy.. actually you don't have to go as far as p2p if you just know to feed google with the right keywords, but because of the nature of p2p as a file sharing network, p2p could actually be more efficient when searching for sensitive documents.