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  2. There are tons of bots out there... just google for one... I've never used a bot before so I couldn't tell you which ones are good or not.. Its limited now to about 200 friend requests a day i think or something lower. You'll have alot more luck if you were to personally go in and message or leave a comment for every person you add with a personalized link. The moment people think they recieve spam they just don't care really... plus if your gonna do it and spend time in making the profile and shit you might as well take your time and do it right. Now... while its not a bad idea for a single page sort of site for quick free hosting... duplication of the pages onto myspace.. its hella bad for SEO.
  3. yeaahhhh I had it... I sent it to E i think though
  4. I think im gonna meet up with Epiphany and Decoder and a couple other people possibly on Friday night. Anyone else interested in hanging out? Shoot me a message on the boards here if you wanna come along..
  5. Hahahaha you know whats funny... rhy0t and I saw this earlier when it hit the homepage I didn't know it was you
  6. mmm probably feds
  7. SO for those of you who don't know, I have moved to Chicago. After attending this past 2600(my first Chicago meeting)and meeting everyone around the area, I was talking to some of the guys around here and mentioned starting a convention in Chicago. Now, obviously a Con is alot of work, but I am more than confident that things can be done. They mentioned how they've wanted to start one but haven't had someone take charge of the matter and look into everything that needs to be done. So... who wants to start a Con in Chicago? The proposed idea would be every other summer, opposite to HOPE around the same time frame. Honestly... I've wanted to start a convention in the midwest for a long time now and being somewhere that I have access to anything I need only pushes my ambition to start this con. What are peoples thoughts?
  8. thats as easy as just killing that email and starting a new one if it gets out of control
  9. Just a reminder to anyone interested in attending the Chicago Convention Planning Meeting. Its tomm night at 8pm right off the red line on Belmont a bit north of the city at Clarkes diner. If you guys need anything shoot me an email @
  10. I put in for the time off work. Now I just need to figure out if Nexis will drive or if I'm going to take the bus or train . All I know is that I need to get out of Iowa even if just for a day, I'm sure you know my pain. Sweeet man that would be awesome and yes I do know the pain first hand... there is a train that hits Ottumwa, Mount Pleasent, Burlington that goes directly to Chicago. I stop at Burlington and its like 35$ way cheaper than driving.
  11. Scheda is gonna be here by then too! I'll keep you updated no worries man.
  12. I'll throw it on the 2600 mailing list too in case anyone from there is interested in the telco shwag
  13. LOL I love this.... You know how many people have been ripped off because of this?!
  14. I don't know if anyone is interested... Since I didn't make the meeting and tons of people are kinda interested in this i figured I'd do a seperate meeting.. Im going to hold a meeting for the Chicago con idea... Date: December 13 Time: 8:00pm Location: Clarke's Diner Belmont and N Wilton Ave / main intersection Belmont and Clark right off the Belmont Red Line/Brown Line stop.. Any questions shoot me a pm. Pass the word along to anyone that might be interested.
  15. HEY Im going to hold a meeting for the Chicago con idea... Date: December 13 Time: 8:00pm Location: Clarke's Diner Belmont and N Wilton Ave / main intersection Belmont and Clark right off the Belmont Red Line/Brown Line stop... exit make a left and cross the street kitty corner. Any questions shoot me a pm. Pass the word along to anyone that might be interested. ~ subz
  16. HEY Let me know if you do.... I was gonna go but I didn't realize this was the first monday. I want to do a talk about the CON Im planning
  17. Hey whats up man. Thanks for the contact, I'll deffinately give him a call sometime this week. As far as the comments/advice, I appreciate the research and time. I've talked to several prominent people around the Chicago area as well as people that work for the McCormmick/Navy Pier convention areas, they pretty much told me the same thing as far as pricing and info about the places. In addition to the whole thing they require a couple million dollar insurance. All in all... unfortuantely the idea i have isn't small and it'd almost be impossible to make it such. Im gonna sit down with a couple people this weekend to talk some things over. I totally agree with starting small and growing. You want to meet up sometime next week URL, we can chat about the whole idea... I think you'll see what I mean when I actually explain what I have in mind.
  18. Molotov: Thanks for the threadjack :-p lol no I've already been in contact with some of the daisychain people... way ahead of you on that one Bizurke: YO thats cool man, I think Scheda is moving up to Chicago sometime soon and he's helping us with a bunch of stuff right now im gonna throw him in this idea sometime too... I really really really want to pull this together. To be honest its one of those things that I've always wanted to do and now im in a perfect place to get it done. Unfortunately my mind doesn't like to think small BUT it also means im not going to settle for something shitty. Hehe I could easily drop a couple thou and rent out a hotel... I want this to be an experience... not just a con
  19. Yeah... I totallly agree with everything you said... AND to be honest I've already talked to several people as far as pricing for hotels conventions around the rosemont/ohare area. THE only thing is that... The convention kinda took a turn. Hacking conventions are cool and all but we were looking for something to set it apart from every other hacking convention out there... and its hard to do since there are several now. SO in order to do this we had to switch the whole convention idea around a bit. NOW its kinda evolved a ton... to this new idea we have, in which the only place we'd be able to hold something like this would be at Navy Pier or McCormick place. Im not worried about filling up the space... I can do it hands down On the plus side... public transport from either of the airports is cheap as shit. $2 can get you all the way to where you need to be. Secondly, the appeal of the big city is that its in a big city. I could hold a convention in the middle of Illinois or in the suburbs for hella cheaper. HOPE and Vegas are both way more expensive as far as convention prices for food and entertainment opposed to Chicago prices. If you want, we can get together sometime and start planning some stuff out. As of right now Im going to appologize for not giving more details about the convention. When I say were pushing for big budget i really mean we're looking at a couple hundred thou+. Like I said before, If im not gonna do it right Im not going to waste my time on it.... The one thing I can promise... This is going to be probably one of the biggest conventions the hacker world and internet have seen
  20. Yeah, I've looked at different hotels and places to hold this. MY problem is this... Nothing that I do, I do small... It went from the original CON idea to this new morphed idea of probably one of the most kick ass conventions the world has yet to see... the only problem is finding some funding BUT like I said Im working on it. Why do things if you can't do them right...
  21. WELL.... the original idea of the CON has switched a little... in the meantime, Im trying to see how many rich people can give me money to do this because it is going to be expensive unfortunately. BUT I promise im still working and looking into things. The way we have it planned... We are looking at either the McCormick Place or Navy Pier Convention area to hold this... Thanks again for everyones support and I'll deffinately be needing all your help when its said and done.
  22. No these are CD's with presentations on everything imaginable... you guys will see
  23. I went to one not too long ago... lol I was half tempted to whip out the lockpick set and be like... listen your hot i can bypass this shit give me a second... lol I never did find the chick with the lock my key belonged too... although i'd pass on girls that were missing teeth, hair or a combination of both
  24. I'll be there and im dragging djmollusk with me... this time I promiiiise I'll be there. I have some cool CD's to give away. The only thing that really keeps me away from meetings is women... its happened the last two times...
  25. ZEARLE hit me up if you need anything... subzero [ta]