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    Learning about programming, security, electronics, Linux, Windows, networks, hacking methods, the list goes on...<br /><br />"Blind people aren't allowed to call 900 numbers" --Lucky225 - Bellsmind Room 666<br />"When Chuck Norris masturbates, a doorway to hell is opened, thus allowing demons to roam freely on the earth." --Spaz101
  1. Man, I never visit binrev anymore and I heard good things about this paper and had to come see. I might have to come back if you keep it up. Welcome Draven (and please stay!) /me goes back into hiding... and IRC
  2. Yeah... SeaMonkey blows, don't waste your time. If you really want web development I'd suggest NVU. PS, it's ugly too
  3. 813

    I couldn't go to the last two, but I want to start some projects to be done for the next one. I'll think up some stuff with DaCh33z to make because he's such a hardware guy.
  4. 813

    Damn straight! Modems ftw! Also the next meeting is on August 18t, hope to see you stragglers there!
  5. How can I stop processes in GNOME, anc how can I make them not start until needed? also does anyone know why ubuntu gets an hour more battery life?
  6. I have been using slack for almost 2 years now, and I'm a real fan. But I just installed ubuntu on my laptop and I really like it. All the configuration was already done and it works awesomely. I noticed that my laptop battery lasts for a lot onger than it did. In FreeBSD is lasted for about 2 hours, but in ubuntu it lasts about 3 hours and 20 minutes! I was amazed and happy. This is all with minimal usage My question is, how would I get ubuntu to consume minimal power, not including the settings to put it into hibernate, or turn off the screen after x minutes. Would I have to modify the kernel to not give all the perhiperals power unless being used? I may sound stupid but is there anything I can do to get maximum battery length?
  7. Dear LogosX, You are my hero. Sincerely, Exvitel
  8. 813

    Chill out, you'l be fine. When school starts I'll let you re-borrow the Python book and a crap load others. You'll be fine at the meting, we will all sit around talking about security to programming to electrical engineering. It'll be fun, don't worry. BTW, We ned to start an electrical/hardware project because we could both benefit, since you know more than me. Don't worry, man, you'll have fun I promise. You will learn alot and people will explain little things, or I'll try to translate
  9. 813

    And Cr45Du57 and Badger . I went to one, but that was the last meeting.
  10. I would install Slackware, only because I am more used to it than any other distro. Or go with a BSD, and learn a different unix based OS. I am soon intstalling NetBSD so I can learn more about the BSDs, maybe even FreeBSD.
  11. It was cool at fist, but after a while I started not liking it. I still prefer my Fluxbox and Xfce. Zer0db: What distro are you running?
  12. IMHO 500mhz and 128 mb ram is more than plenty! If we could get another distro on there, and have it in all plain black or something, tht would be nice. Or white...
  13. You are welcome! He has all his students write a little bit about a section, and then he puts them in that document. It has been in work for a few years. I did the section about firewalls
  14. SHIT! I have dial-up, and I uploaded this at a friends house!!!!! Crap! I'll try to do it again later. Fuck~~!!!!@@#$%^&
  15. Here is the Link, I don't know how long it will be good for: http://www.savefile.com/files.php?fid=1786690