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  1. What is with the Windows Hating? I know many people in these forums prefer *NIX variants but come on. Windows7 is a solid system. Have you even tried it operat0r? If not you are reminding me of what a Windows user says about a *NIX OS. I would have to say "Fear not the unknown, If allowed to persist, the fear can ultimately lead to a very restricted lifestyle, devoid of the various essences in life."
  2. To answer the questions straight looks like a 64-bit cypher which right away jumps to my head saying "3DES". Then I think harder and "Blowfish" is another 64-bit cypher...After more thought CAST-128 comes to mind as well. My brain hurts but these are the ones I can think of off the top of it. Just as an FYI. I would guess Blowfish or 3DES is the answer though.
  3. Found this as an interesting tidbit to this posting. Pirate Bay Judge Exposed... let me know what you think of it
  4. OpenOffice is NOT exactly like Microsoft Office. If you are talking Office 2003, I will give it to you. However, Office 2007 saves in a file format you need to get an add-on for OpenOffice installed (in other words NOT OUT OF THE BOX) to open them. Word 2007 saves by default in *.docx format which you need to install odf-converter to make it work. Now most standard users do not know what the hell odf-converter is so please read up before posting these comments (no offense intended) because it is comments like this that make normal end users cry about Linux because they would think "but phasma said it would work and it is not *cry*". Anyways, Yes OpenOffice is an acceptable alternative to most document systems. in regards to the poor woman dropping out.... what an idiot
  5. Three ways to get this to work. #1 have two accounts...#2 Add passwords to the accounts...#3 Ensure AutoLogin is not on...
  6. If you have any questions about setups please let me know I currently run a server with Debian with apache2, php, cgi, mysql and many other features that are growing daily
  7. Does this have a 3 1/2" Floppy Drive? Have you tried opening a DOS boot disk and attempting to fdisk this puppy? It looks like someone wrote a legacy (FAT12) file format on there. Try a real Linux Operating system like Debian, CentOS or Slackware. Or try a BSD system If none of these work, try a liveCD and format the machine manually then perhaps try a dd command on it to clean it all out. You may have a buggered HDD though. But I doubt it. I have only had three hard drives fry in my time in computers...Hell I still have an old Western Digital 450MB Hard Drive sitting around!
  8. Another option is to install Linux on the box then install apache2, php, cgi and any other packages that you may want. This is a better way IMO to run apache. You would get more bang for your buck with Linux on the system anyways IMO Please contact me in PM to get some information on securing the server and what have you. I have done this before and trust me...if people take it seriously you will lagg to hell
  9. Okay lets start the question drilling to get to the bottom of this. 1) When you power on the system do the hard drives spin? 2) What Brand & Capacity are the drives? 3) Have you attempted to replace the IDE Cables? 4) Have you checked the jumper settings on the drives? 5) Have you tried other drives? 6) Have you tried the drives in other computers? 7) What is the BIOS information on the board (on boot when you enter the BIOS you will see this)? Please get all these answers and I will see what I can do to help you out mate
  10. That was a good find man. Too bad all I found were capacitors and diodes >.<
  11. Yes I know that privs can save you in a *NIX environment but it is not all. I can create a virus that will run with normal user perms that would simply propagate within the said users information. It will not drill to root and change things up on the system but you can still overload a systems hard drive and the likes with malware in Linux. You can argue with me until you are blue in the face mate but you know that no computer is secure unless it is not on the internet and no one has physical access to it. so please keep your meaningless shite to yourself please. if you do the same thing as you state here in Windows there are few problems as well. the only thing is there are many more malware programs written for the Windows environment as it is the major forerunner for Home based PC's. Yes I know that Linux is starting to make a rise but it is still not at the level of Windows. Anyways, I prefer non free AVs but for Free ones I use Grisoft AVG and Avast. ClamAV is a good one for Linux boxes.
  12. All I can say to that is ... Why is it that people think they are immune to viruses when they run Linux Operating systems? Quoted right from As you can clearly see people who think Linux is invulnerable are wrong
  13. The tutorial is called Google. or you could simply find out what forum system they are running, download a copy of it, break apart the code to find vulnerabilities and then you can start your attacks. Failing that you can take the route of the SK and download some tools (not recommended IMO) but there are too many scum in the world who do take this route. But truthfully, read, learn, hack is the way it works.
  14. So basically you want your system to load Stepmania instead of Windows? Explorer is a vital part of the Windows Platform and I would not suggest hacking the registry as you did...However good on you for bypassing windows to play a game...
  15. If you want to get some really good information on TCP/IP stack and how it all works there are quite a few good books out there. I would suggest "Internetworking with TCP/IP; Principles, Protocols and Architectures; 4th Ed." This is a great book though it will put you to sleep so ensure you have a lot of coffee in your before you attempt reading this until EOF. Yes it is a large Text but it has a lot of information on it to help people out in the Networking world too