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  1. Somebody verify this link please. You can use to access tor links without having Tor, but it won't be anonymous unless you actually have tor.
  2. Ok, so its getting too hard to reply to all these emails asking for it! Instead, I uploaded it to the internet here: http://nvx57mzjox6mcg3f.onion/download/edc5ca7003759529e94fcdc89729f216ef04a9ed3debbb6a426e6e276e578d6d5a59ca86366d36689e73951b9178ca3f683fcc7cba2e0cb2fe9651d8c3e5c3bb (You need to have tor running and installed to access it. I put it here because it was fully anonymous.) Before asking questions how to use it, read the second readme. I don't come on here very much anymore, so use the information in that file to contact me. And remember, how you use the tool is up to you. How you use my email address is up to me. Please don't spam!
  3. I'll save everyone here a lot of time. That wakoopa guy will never respond to you no matter what. However, after going through sites in languages i don't even know how to pronounce, viruses, and other crap, i found a working copy. Make sure you have a copy of the .net framework 2 If you want it, email me at:****************** Edit: I removed the email for various reasons I'll explain later. I'll post another one up in a little bit. If you HAVE to have it, pm me and we'll go from there.
  4. I posted some internal Verizon executive's numbers here too: Enjoy
  5. I originally posted this on Didn't get much traffic, so I thought maybe the Binrev Phreakers might like to see these: I have a friend who works indirectly with the Verizon CEO and has gathered a list of numbers he agreed to share with me(Under the condition I cannot identify him). All these numbers work, and some go straight to humans. CEO: (212) 395-1060 & Email: <---He usually won't answer, it usually goes straight to his VM Executive Customer Service: (212) 321-8700 Network Operations Center: (800) 264-6620 <---Goes straight to a human, be ready when you call. VZW Subpoenas: (800) 451-5242 Tech Support, tier 1: 800-493-1625 Tech Support, tier 2: 888-233-4813 Network Abuse: 800-770-1779 Activations: 800-417-3849 Agent Hotline: 888-622-0237 Account Investigations: #8899<---Must be dialed from a Verizon phone Business Solutions: 800-899-4249 Workplace Code Violations Hotline: 800-488-7900 Executive Customer Relations: 800-483-7988 Data Tech Support: 866-788-9387 ESN Change Hotline: 866-376-2464 Asurion (phone insurer): 888-881-2622 EServices: 800-350-2830 Internal IT Support: 866-899-4872 Phone Number Change Hotline: 866-881-7165 Port Verification: 888-866-6907 Roadside Assistance: 877-623-7433 Washington/Baltimore/VA Regional HQ: 240-568-2000 Presidential Appeals: (800) 780-0753 Also, I have some more for other cell phone companies, so if anyone wants them, ask and I'll post them! Just one question: By any miraculous chance does anyone have the HP CEO's personal and/or work email address/phone number? The form to email him on their site is BS, I doubt it even sends anything. Actually, _any_ executive email addresses for HP will do!