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  1. Exact same one. They all point to http://ps3.shimpinomori.net/index_en.html
  2. http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?sho...amp;hl=hack+ps3
  3. http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?sho...amp;hl=hack+ps3
  4. milw0rm.com is a site with a bunch of new exploits. Not just exploits, also some good videos and decent whitepapers.
  5. Get vmware, install your choice of linux distro or boot a livecd/dvd and then either install another target os(windows) on another vmware session or just try and hack your own host system.
  6. portage!
  7. HOWTO: Convert video to flv http://stephenjungels.com/jungels.net/arti...ideo-howto.html And a niceĀ® embedded player: http://flowplayer.sourceforge.net/index.html (also contains a good howto convert)
  8. Heh, nice one
  9. Tried Sothink SWF decompiler?
  10. I could do that with the PHP, but if you have a faster/client side way i'd love to know. No, it's in PHP.. but I think I could turn it into a clientside piece.
  11. That is looking very nifty Also, how about some code that will tell you if said album is marked private (meaning: I am working on something and might finish it if I get the time and you're welcome to use it)
  12. Probably using Tor. Teamspeak last I heard had a major flaw that allows people to join, even when the server has a password. But yeah, this can be a problem if you need to keep the server open for new users. Switching to another platform like Ventrilo is probably also not an option.
  13. Hmmm... http://google.com/codesearch?hl=en&lr=...amp;btnG=Search Change file:wp-config for your choice of php setting file.
  14. <redundant> You ISP probably doesn't like it when you try to fopen a URL instead of a local file. Most providers will have it dissabled by default. </redundant> Just get XAMPP or something on your windows box and run the script. Just be sure to edit your php.ini to allow fopen for URLs. edit: "Mr. President, under redundant in the dictionary it says 'see redundant'..."
  15. Flock has had a photostream option, that will show a small (mouseover) icon on any image hosted by photobucket which when clicked will show a nifty strip with all the users images... which basically is what this script does right? edit: Just ran through the script and I see what the difference is between it and Flock's photostream.
  16. Postfix!
  17. I think Sothink will do a good job of decompiling the swf, including the ActionScript code.
  18. I have something like that : u-Blox. Works just fine with gpsd and Kismet. It just needs to be NMEA-0183 compliant.
  19. Next time try connectiong to (or or whatever) that works for me.
  20. You can use socat to torify almost any application like so: socat TCP4-LISTEN:1234,fork SOCKS4A:localhost:someserver.com:3389,socksport=9050 Now when you connect to localhost:1234 your connection will be proxied through Tor to someserver.com:3389 Probably won't do you much good under windows, no idea if it works under Cygwin. According to the Tor Win32 Howto: Freecap
  21. The config should be /etc/kismet.conf
  22. Awesome. I glanced through the Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5200 guide but did not see anything in there. Also, I googled around a bit and nada. This one came in the router version even though it is the one ethernet port version. Since it has the router firmware, this may explain it, but still, very weird. Anyway, I did the -O option, here are the results for anyone interested: root@anisoptera:/home/me# nmap -O Starting Nmap 4.03 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2006-09-07 22:10 EDT Interesting ports on (The 1669 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed) PORT STATE SERVICE 80/tcp open http 1720/tcp open H.323/Q.931 2001/tcp open dc 5060/tcp open sip 6001/tcp open X11:1 No exact OS matches for host (If you know what OS is running on it, see http://www.insecure.org/cgi-bin/nmap-submit.cgi). TCP/IP fingerprint: SInfo(V=4.03%P=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu%D=9/7%Tm=4500D14B%O=80%C=1) TSeq(Class=TR%IPID=RD%TS=U) T1(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=1020%ACK=S++%Flags=AS%Ops=ME) T2(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=0%ACK=S%Flags=AR%Ops=) T3(Resp=N) T4(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=0%ACK=O%Flags=R%Ops=) T5(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=0%ACK=S++%Flags=AR%Ops=) T6(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=0%ACK=O%Flags=R%Ops=) T7(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=0%ACK=S%Flags=AR%Ops=) PU(Resp=N) Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 39.786 seconds Do you have a VOIP service? As for the login prompt it looks like a standard Cisco IOS (level_15 access), try cisco/cisco or admin/cisco?
  23. The entire idea behind it is for this device to be small and portable. Ofcourse you could do this with a bootcd like iWhax/Auditor and a laptop, but that's not something you can carry around with you in your pocket.
  24. Looks good. Maybe for a follow up series, show some of the tools from WebInspect?
  25. Heh, just a kid that probably wants to show how l33t he really is. I think we should all leave massive positive comments