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  2. I've been planning to try this,I've got several dish network,directtv dish setups in a shed along with my old direcPc dish setup. Another project on the list.
  3. I've talked with the local club already,and am interested in getting into QRP/CW and the internet related stuff. Really interested in learning how it all works,not necessarily talking quite a bit though I figure-I hate telephones already,lol. I've already been briefed on the field day,and plan to attend. Checked out my first hamfest when I took my test(that's where the test was). I plan to pick up an HT when I have a couple hundred to throw at it,would really like to get into something really cheap so I can check out the different bands etc.. so I can figure out what I like and want to explore more of.
  4. Passed Tech this past saturday,missed the General ticket by a couple questions. Didn't study any general stuff really,just figured I would take the sit since I was there. I haven't a clue where to start either. Haven't bought a radio yet,just experimenting with antenna's using a CB radio i've got and listening through global tuners.
  5. Either my batteries were knocking out my charger or the other way around. Twice I have unplugged my charger from the pc,and heard a "pop"-computer shuts down,charger shuts down. Battery is toast afterwards as is charger. I've tested both afterwards by using a different battery or charger with the "compromised" units and they are dead. Only thing I can figure is an issue with the smart board on the battery shorting the charger. And I do keep it plugged in most of the time. It's time for a new battery,only holding a 10m charge right now. I'm going to send them to get rebuilt-I'll change my charging practices afterwards. Thanks for the tip. I think i've went through a minimum of 5 batteries,at least as many chargers + a couple DC/car chargers over a 3yr or more span.
  6. I would be happy with just being able to keep a damn charger and/or battery for more than 3mos in my Dell. I think i've surpassed the cost of the laptop in buying chargers and batteries over the last couple years,and i've got a commercial version not the cheapo inspiron. I've been looking at those netbooks,for the price I might just pick one up and pass the latitude along to my wife.
  7. She wouldn't have had to pay the money i'm pretty sure though. Several years back I had to track my phone bills for like 6 months straight(before finally switching carriers) because ATT loved to add on numbers dialed that weren't mine. This was with the brand new (then) ATT One Rate with the introduction of No long distance/No roam for celly's. There were regularly many calls which had nothing to do with me,and a simple phone call and some arguments got rid of it all every time. I imagine it would be the same with this,just on a larger level considering somebody perpetrated a fraud. I very seriously DOUBT she would have to pay it back. And if she's freakin' bits and bytes that don't cost the company anything at all.
  9. lol,didn't notice that. Hell,thanks to 9th grade keyboarding class I can even type over 60 wpm without looking. For fun I used to type songs as they were playing back in the day,helped keep my speed up. The speed has never done me any good,but not having to look at the keyboard is great.
  10. Sounds interesting... I've got one of these sitting next to me,would love to make more use of it then simply downloading the local dyno shops run files.
  11. Use amatuer radio and phone patches ??? Just throwing that out,I'm taking an amatuer radio class and know just enough to pass the Technician class in two weeks. Which basically means I know nothing.
  12. Don't joke. 1980's 308's are relatively cheap. One problem - maintenance is still Ferrari rates. Your a h4xor-learn to do your own maintenance The local autozone has the spark plugs and oil filter i'm sure
  13. Clarify what you mean by having a "computer adjuster" please. That vehicle's PCM utilizes an EEPROM chip with OBDI programming. Not something i'm into yet,but I can direct you to the info. The basic programming premise for the engine is for the most part identical to what I do but the routine's etc.. are different and how the data is changed and inputed are very different from what I do. You use an EEPROM burner or trick the computer somehow by using a resistor mod etc..? Also need to know why you want to do it,as mentioned there are much better ways to both increase horsepower and MPG than the ethanol. Give some more info on what you want to do and where you want to go with it and I can help you furthur or direct you to more info. The more info I get,the more info I can give.
  14. De-gunk by metering Seafoam into a vacuum line,and pouring into the crankcase-driving 30miles and then changing the oil. Unless you mean cleaning the outside,in that case get the motor hot and spray it liberally with Purple Power and walking away for 10minutes. Then power spray it clean,be sure to wrap the coils with something. *don't drive after metering the seafoam into a vacuum line,just do it while it sitting and leave it idling till it stops blowing nasty smoke 20mins or so later* I wouldn't add 95% ethanol to it. Unless you have significantly altered the computer's timing/AFR/injector pulsewidth etc... in the PCM then adding it will simply cause it to run like crap. Don't add it to the fuel system/gas tank unless you have upgraded all your fuel lines etc.. to stainless steel. Ethanol degrades everything else,unfortunately your lines are either aluminum or steel on that car and not stainless. If you add it to the intake hydrogen style then you would need to bump the timing. FYI you will actually get worse mileage using ethanol unless you use it simply as an additive. You can boost your timing with it quite a bit though. If that's your interest then look into a water methanol kit from Snows or similar. Ethanol,especially 95%,isn't the most cost effective thing to work with unless your making it yourself. What is that? An early 90's Oldsmobile? I'm gonna guess 87-90 model olds or cutlass.(grand prix maybe?)
  15. Ya'll just gotta quit giving me ideas. I've got a turbocharger from a 2.3L 87 turbocoupe sitting next to some other pretty stuff on a shelf. The blades are a bit chipped and dusted on it though,not worth rebuilding.