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  1. That doesn't sound so bad to me. Neither do Python, Ruby, Tcl, PHP, Javascript, Lua, C++ and Java. What? Bless REF, CLASSNAME tells the thingy referenced by REF that it is now an object in the CLASSNAME package. Are you saying you don't understand this feature? As for the magic syntax, I find that it's actually not so hard to understand and there are quite a few convenient shorthands. Like what? I find this not to be the case at all. Can you give an example? What "magic control structures" are you talking about? Idioms like what? TIMTOWTDI? I don't think it's steep at all. Yes, it has a different way of doing OOP than other programming languages. Classes are packages, methods are subroutines in a package. It's actually really straightforward. What else do you think is hard? My point is that I don't think it's fair to exclude Perl from the discussion. I think it's a very nice language, and it's not hard for beginners at all.
  2. I disagree completely. I think Perl is a great language. Perl code can actually look quite beautiful. You can write messy code in any language. Please explain what makes it a terrible language, because I haven't heard anything substantial. I don't think Perl has a steep learning curve at all. What makes you say this? Which language do you think is better in this respect?
  3. This is so backwards it's not even funny. If you want to become someone who is an expert at Windows systems and programming them and breaking into them, then sure. I would call such a person a Windows hacker. There is more out there than just Windows, and those systems can be hacked just as well. People hacking those systems are hackers as well and they don't have to know anything about Windows. Because Windows is the most widely used operating system I understand that most people will think about it when hacking is mentioned. It's just not the only thing out there. A lot of people enjoy hacking on other systems. You mean a lot of popular desktop environments and window managers mimic the appearance of Windows? This is true, but it doesn't say anything about Linux itself. There are plenty of nonstandard and innovative window managers. But even if they looked exactly alike, looks aren't everything. While I agree that using Linux for the sake of not using Windows is not a good idea, people using window managers that mimic Windows functionality probably use it because it's a standard. It works okay. It's good enough for them. It doesn't say anything about their feelings toward Windows. Personally I'm a big fan of the command line, but it's ridiculous to say that the GUI doesn't have its place. You are the one who said hacking was almost synonymous with Windows hacking. "true spirit" much? I merely stated that Windows wasn't the only thing around. What makes it less efficient? I'm more efficient on Unix than I am on Windows. I like being able to fit everything to my needs. How is that? Is it because every option is hidden behind layers and layers of dialogs? Because you couldn't customize anything? Because it's hard to automate things? Because of the lack of standard command line tools? Because you couldn't look at the source of something? Fancy software requires fancy hardware. Meanwhile, many flavors remain light.
  4. How do you explain the fact that my drivers have been working perfectly for as long as I can remember? It's sheer ignorance. Just because you couldn't get your stuff to work doesn't mean it never works for anybody. When I wanted to listen to music, it worked out of the box. Your personal anecdotes don't prove anything. Do you want to hear a Windows horror story? I install my Unix systems and they work in a way that I very much prefer to that of Windows operating systems. Using language such as "always" and "it's a given" just proves how ignorant you are. My drivers have worked for as long as I can remember and I know a lot of people who haven't had any problems either. Oh, the irony. Have you ever seen a Windows help forum? And I meant generalization in the sense that you're talking about your problems as if they're the case for everybody. "Everything always breaks", etc. If you want to waste your game playing time messing with Wine and hoping it works, again, good luck. If I want to play a game, winecfg is not a very good one. I'd rather play Civ 4 or something. You missed my point completely. It's ridiculous to expect games for a certain platform to work on another. I hate Flash on Windows as well. It's technical reasons better left for an other thread.
  5. Hardware problems, have we? While it's true that there is quite a bit of hardware that's not compatible, to me it only makes sense to check your hardware for compatibility before trying an operating system. It's also true that on Unix systems it might take a little more configuration to get a piece of hardware working, but for me it's always been a one-time deal resulting in working hardware, and almost every time I learned something about the system. Things have been working for me and many others in a pretty straight line. You can't generalize your case just as I can't generalize mine. Windows games don't work on Unix? Scandalous! Flash is a steaming pile of crap. This is ridiculous. To become a Windows hacker you'll have to use it, yes. For hacking everything else, you most definitely don't. How elitist, hypocritical and ignorant can you possibly get? I am flabbergasted. I really hope you're a troll. I won't bother wasting any more words.
  6. The same for me. The nonstop headache of trying to run Linux as your primary desktop OS is not worth it. Wow. Really? I use FreeBSD (previously Slackware Linux) every day and it's a joy.
  7. As in one that exploits some age old IE vulnerability?
  8. That's definitely a better solution, and will work regardless of the software used by the target. Good luck
  9. Nice idea, but I'm afraid there's no API to get that sort of information (current tab URLs) from Firefox. I can't find any for the current version of IE either. Here's an alternative solution in Delphi: http://delphi.about.com/od/windowsshellapi/l/aa060303a.htm Maybe that will help you find the URLs.
  10. Welcome θ.
  11. $ file 1OLFILE.DAT 1OLFILE.DAT: ARC archive data, dynamic LZW Opening it with PeaZip it says the ARC archive is encrypted, so you would want to look for a program that can brute-force ARC archives. But yes, where is this from?
  13. Also BeOS and Plan9.
  14. A good friend of mine gave me this: 772-257-4501
  15. I've used it for about 3 years on my desktop system, for daily use. I used it to write code, browse the web, host a website, do school stuff. Things like that. I still have it on a home server.