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  1. gnosis, I wasn't that 'offended' what you said was true, A lot of guys do that kind of thing. I think it was the 'siren claims to have boobz' that tipped me But its cool. I see where you were coming from. It was captain asshat that was so random and ignorant. Anyway, No offense taken.
  2. Well Sir captain, I am indeed an intelligent WOMAN. I spent 4 years with this person, I cannot help if he was insecure and decide to violate me. Im not even honoring what you said any further, whoever scorned you, you should just let it go already. *rolls eyes* I DO appreciate everyone here who stepped up to help. Especially Indexphinger who graciously spent his day in my comp and has indeed fixed me. He is quite the badass and gentleman and deserves huge amounts of respect in that regard. He also KNOWS I am female as we did speak on the phone. Thanks for your time, Siren
  3. Thanks! I hadnt thought of doing that. great idea!!
  4. Your time could well be spent better trying to get yourself a copy of Windows so you can do a full reformat, then you'll know the threat has gone. I you feel you must, then go ahead, it would dispel any non believers. Very tempted to do so, But I figure if anyone really wants to know, they are more than welcome to PM me and ask. Id gladly oblige. I am leaning towards finding an XP disk. Where. Ive no clue. The one I had before was apparently a copy someone got online somewhere. I wanted to make a copy of it but guess what? =) I didnt know how!! Now its gone and no one I know seems to have another. Im about to say to hell with it and just let him see whatever he sees, Its just a creepy feeling. I don't like it. Im thinking now, he may very well know I am here now asking for help and who knows.. he may even be a member here. wow. wouldn't that suck? Oh well, If he is here, or sees somehow what I am saying here, maybe he will see that its totally ridiculous for im to do this to me and stop. Umm.. Swerve? Are you a female? Just going by the pic you have.
  5. OMG that dude was saying I am pretending to be a girl?? I JUST got that! Do I have to post a pic of me holding a sign with what? someones name here written on me? I never asked to get help 'hacking' someone, I wouldn't want to. I JUST wanted help finding something that may be on MY comp. Im looking at the sniffer things now. pretty sure I wont be able to understand it unless it is as clear and simple as my AVG I have trouble with spybot sometimes and what it finds. Never knowing for sure what I should 'fix' or w/e. I just fix all and pray it doesn't screw anything else up. *so tempted to post a pic* And aren't there girls here? Id welcome girl help as well!!!
  6. ya, I know I shouldn't but I wasn't ever trying to use my gender to get attention and that seems to be the idea some have. I said a girl because everyone knows.. girls + comps = LOL I do wanna know what the sniffer thing is that the other person mentioned. Thank the gods for google I guess..
  7. Ahem.. I thought the person who said ISP was actually meaning something else because frankly, there's a lot lingo here I do not know. I do know some things about computing, as I said the ex did talk to me about a lot of it. But when it comes to actually 'hacking' or as I learned here 'social engineering' Ive no clue, I see where it looked very silly of me to ask if his ISP was the same ISP I was thinking. I came here after reading many many hacker type forums because 1. the 'nubiehq' had a strict warning to not flame new people and I wanted help. That is it. I am not a complete idiot, I can do some things but I know that he was very skilled in this arena. I only needed someone that could help me on the same level if not more intelligent than him. Yes, I have boobs. But I don't really think with those. I have a brain I do that with. Anyway, Thanks for all your time to those of you that did respond, I really do appreciate it. Oh, I learned about root kits a tad while reading the hundreds of things I read to try and figure out what the hell was going on and how he 'may' have got something in my comp. If anyone would have called it an RTK or something, I would have never gotten it. Bleh, Now I feel like an ass. Welcome back to square one Siren!
  8. So.. I checked out the cleaner.. installed, upon the initial run, I got the bad blue screen. Thankfully, everything was ok when it restarted But now I am as scared as ever. wonder why it did that? I deleted the thing from desktop and from the control panel place I know its lingering somewhere. Ive been reading stuff here for hours off and on all day. Maybe I will learn something..
  9. Thanks, I will check this out in the morning!
  10. Me too, and I will continue using that. Will still be checking back here though. Thanks all!
  11. shamefully, it is ancient. I had a disk that someone had copied or w/e but I gave it back and now have no idea where that person is anymore. I really cant thank you enough for the FF add on thingy. Its really made me feel safer or just more chilled out. I really appreciate your help more than I can express.
  12. Its not that there's anything he can really do any real damage with, Its more of a feeling of always being watched by him, its just plain creepy. I found a program called keylogdetector, ran it did what it said and the log said you may have a keylogger on your system, But, I ran spybot, and kaspersky and it found only the usual suspects, tracking cookies things of that nature. Im just lost as to how to find something and cant reinstall my xp with no disk. No way to get one.