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  1. Wha??? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL This is classic stuff! Hiarious.
  2. Given the topic, and with neither encouraging this or directly linking to it ... it's probably worth pointing out that gbppr *really* hates 2600 and has been putting the pdfs online forever. A little google fu for his handle and a 2600 archive should bring up whatever sites he's mirrored on now. I just googled and it looks like he's got them all up - even the fall 2010 issue. I don't know if anyone ever bothered torrenting them but, Insaneautomata says a few are up at TPB. I'd bet the ones that are there were either gbppr or a reader of his digital copies.
  3. I do still think that Lamo was acting as a quasi-journalist, and frankly, worse. Warning, rabbit hole ahead. I think him and Poulsen worked the story in cahoots, though they will never, ever say that. You seem to have a decent grasp on the morals at play here Decoder. I'm curious to see your take on the following. Poulsen seems to have "taken the bait" so to speak. Just a couple of hours ago he chimed in reply to an anonymous comment with what I am claiming is a damning point. Problem is ... since no sane press agent would ever admit this, this is as good as "evidence" will ever get in regard to Poulsen-Lamo working together before the story broke. I'd like to preface first by linking to a very short back and forth: http://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/ccrtn/brad_manning_wikileaks_leaker_betrayed_by_adrian/c0rqcyh Taking that into account, over the course of the week things came together in a more complete picture. Culminating in this comment (which includes points you've made here re: danger of lives, etc) that Poulsen actually felt he needed to address: http://www.boingboing.net/2010/06/13/video-wikileaks-foun.html#comment-809677 Poulsen replies here to the anonymous comment. http://www.boingboing.net/2010/06/13/video-wikileaks-foun.html#comment-810304 Now, I feel it's essential to note that when he does comment, he doesn't deny most of that. It won't make sense for those who haven't had time to digest the reddit conversation and the anon comment yet ... but as I've tried to illustrate, Lamo believes he is the source, not Manning, and in what I call a damning non-denial ... Poulsen says: IMO, his half-hearted denials and acting above even answering to the anonymous critic (but answering nonetheless) are telling and damning IMO.
  4. ... *if*, and it's a big if, this is a case of an intel analyst suddenly going moronic. It's more likely he was led to believe he was a protected journalistic source, even if Lamo has Asburger's and has managed to compartmentalize and rationalize he "technically" wasn't acting as the journalist. Take how Lamo was quoted by BBC today, and try to think about the implications dispassionately. I personally and without the "full story" think this is a pretty telling quote right here, and I read it thus ... I'd be interested to see if anyone can show a reasonable alternate reading. "I was never going to write the story. I made that clear. I did say I was working closely with a journalist so maybe he was led on, but tough cookies. Poulsen and I decided privately that it's a breach of ethics if I wrote the story since the source was getting outed once they gave details". Until today, I'd tended to not bother with this story thinking it was simply a loudmouth who couldn't help but brag. Reading the BBC piece today, that quote by Lamo is *waaaaaaaay* to telling for me to think that's a certainty in good conscience any longer. I think the analyst was duped into thinking he was dealing as a protected press source. Lamo keeps his conscience clean by "technically" being the source himself, not the journalist. His quote alludes he truly believes he's the source in this story. It's bizarre.
  5. By a lonely harbor wall, I watched the last star falling As that cruise ship sailed out against the sky. Sure I'll wait and hope and pray, for Stank's return to a Florida bay It's so lonely 'round the palmettos of teh Intracoastal. /celtic folk bastardization I was able to get the Stankmobile to peg out at 130 mph after dropping him off, and I don't *think* that trooper got the plate number. Just kiddin' man. Have fun!
  6. Remember the glorious days of the 90's, when any 14 year old with cut and paste and the wherewithal to read for an hour could attack a Windows machine and give it remote BSOD? No? You are too young you say? Fear not, your time in the sun has come. The good old days are back baby! Microsoft seems to have made the teardrop attack possible again in Windows 7 ... uh, as an eminently wise Andover Prep/Yale cowboy once said ... "heckuva job Brownie!"
  7. I haven't actually looked into it, so thanks for the update. Some Googling shows that Server 2008 is also affected, though you all might not have had that to test against. In any case, while this may not be quite as hilariously annoying as hooking people up with a new cupholder after you saw on them on p2p when it was new, this can cause fair amounts of havoc in cafes and internal networks. Plus, I'd imagine the day is not far off where this is crafted into code where it is delivered as payload for other systems on a LAN. I'm thinking of some Humanities student opening up their free ipod email only to watch their friend's all BSOD, heh. Hi school admins. Have fun this year. You poor, poor bastards.
  8. Yep, they may both be set. The OP can find some other links on finding an ATA pw in the thread below. It's an old thread, so some links may be down. They may also find their drive is actually platter locked, which would be bad news indeed. EDIT: Heh, truncated to "assword bypass"! What can I say, I'm easily amused.
  9. Have you checked through the HMM, and removed boththe battery and it's backup? Looks like you just did one. Here is the HMM: http://www.linuxfocus.org/~guido/gentoo-tpt20/t20_hw_maintenance_manual.pdf Check out page 32, and good luck!
  10. The *first*? Potato batteries. We were always home alone, even at 6, 7, and 8 years old. I kept making parallels, hooking them up to clocks or radios, and my mom would get pissed because the spuds would be all shriveled when she got home. The first real time I built electronics was a simple little digital clock kit I got as a gift. It worked great, then I tried to put it in a muppets lunchbox though, after cutting a "clock face" into the front with tin snips and I grounded it out and busted it. (metal lunchbox) First hack fail. No scary mobile faux-bomb.
  11. Yep, as mirrorshades said, the defaults work regardless in a default install. If you are more interested in tweaking sshd_config and using key auth, you can check this out for some guidelines and things I do to further harden my install, and how to set up key pairs, automation, etc. http://www.docdroppers.org/wiki/index.php?...SSH_Effectively
  12. Decoder, as usual, hits the nail on the head here: Pretty much every town in the nation now has their very own "elite" paramilitary force. They are made of regular police officers who take a little extra training in entry, room clearing, weapons, etc. The cost for this unit must be justified annually, if not quarterly, and deploying to a scene is a check firmly in the "see how bad we need this force" column. When standing in front of the council, the force can point to how they were "needed" 29 times last year even in my small town of 12k people. Of course, it isn't really discussed that most of these raids are against people with a few grams-ounces of pot who sold some to a guy a friend knows, or (no offense to the kid), people who IRL are toothless tigers like lil hacker. A kid who's main method of attack or defense is swatting or turning off your phone/power is not what most people envisioned when setting up these paramilitary forces in their small towns, but hey, tasers were a last resort alternative to shooting someone with a .45 at one point in time, and now you catch the barb for not kissing sufficient ass while pulled over for 10 MPH over the limit. Thats the nature of the beast. Sorry for the borderline off topic, but I was happy to see decoder nail the crux of the issue.
  13. Whoa there. Before jumping to conclusions at least do a memory test. http://www.memtest86.com/ http://www.memtest.org/ well yes, but i'm just saying every time i see a trap error that low its been the ram. something higher i would say video card. but yes run a memtest and make sure your ram is seated all the way in. Agreed. That's RAM IMO too. Since you were the only person to say try reseating another obvious may have been missed (IDK if 2GB means two 1GB sticks). If it does, run with one stick, and try the other stick, then do the same thing swapping repective slots. You may have only one bad stick and/or slot leet_josh.
  14. Since the editors are probably reading, and to put it out there for the people here, others here may know me to be a pretty dedicated Libertarian - an anarchist even, though I am willing to work to toward a goal of small state minarchism, and do so IRL. So I come down on one side of that debate to throw the bias out there on my end. All humans have some. There's mine. Anyway, I'm one voice pissing in a sea of Internets, but I'd urge the editors to be inclusive for all anarchist and/or resistance thought. I feel that one side is just, and the other philosophies unjust, but that is the advantage you have. Take your bias and it's advantage and use it to it's fullest capacity. Urge Anarcho-communists (like the original Yippies who covered the 68 DNC in banners that read "Up against the wall motherfuckers!" and put out the first YIPL zines) to write. Urge students of Proudhon and Chomsky to write for you. Besides there being many technically capable people who might do so, with inclusion comes exposure to thought they hadn't seen. Don't fear "losing" people to your side or whatever. It was von Mises who pointed out in all their public discourse and private debate, Keynes had never turned a student of his. He turned literally dozens of students of Keynes directly, and associates like Hayek, Hazlitt, and Rothbard turned many more after his death. They are the most receptive audience you will find, that don't already agree with the freedom of association principles and non-aggression axiom in the market we believe in. In fact, in 1990ish, I was friends with Rainbows and dancing around in Ocala National Forest with my Chosky, Spooner and Proudhon books, by 95 I had been handed Economics in One Lesson and The Lesson After 30 Years by an ancap friend. It clicked. These people understand the dangers of state, but Ancoms for instance think that a Stand Alone Complex-style rise of the proletariat will usher in an age of mutual aid societies and egalitarian stateless communism using direct action in the meantime. These needn't be mutually exclusive. Under one system, a true free market, the people would be free to do as they wish and some may work for individual good, while some establish enclaves and communes of cooperation free of the yoke of state. In either case, they are free, and a commune isn't akin to the current slavery we are all in. Entire state sized portions of the US for instance, may do just that. In the other, and this is where thinkers like Proudhon made an enemy of Marx and his use of force to compel the proletariat ... people are not free to opt out of a state and make life what they wish, whether it be the collective good of a circle of friends or for one's own satisfaction and wealth. Charity and cooperation are the goal, not the enemy, and only freedom can allow that goal to work. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and others have proven that. It was Rand herself who said there is no goal more noble than the goal of the individual striving to better themselves. The outcome of that goal is predestined as illustrated by von Mises in the brilliant points on praxeology in Human Action. Statists are lost causes, as are the one time thinkers and current shills like Greenspan and other "turned talent" ... but anarchist non-Marxists and Non-Keynesians are ripe for your views. They see the problems, and agree on the exact same solution but not what the outcome of that solution will be. Exposure to the justness of freedom to opt out and the tyranny of state sanctioned collective goals are just a speech away for some of them, and a half year of reading for others. Something to be considered if the long term goals of the publication. All it takes is a single post from the editors saying they have decided it's counterproductive to be exclusionary. That because one voice a submitter may disagree with has been given a platform doesn't mean yours won't as well. Not all collectivists are Marxists, any more than all capitalists are Keynesians. The ones who aren't (on both sides) need to be reached out to, for the reasons above ... and if you disagree, than do so for the reason of the enemy of your enemy being your friend, for the time being.
  15. As if I needed another reason to vote Zombie Goldwater in '08. Seriously though, this is cool as hell. The info for the youtube video says the video was shot in the 80's and lost until the guy found it on VHS in his closet this July.
  16. Here you go Risc: Same site you found: http://modarchivr.com/sonicsoundscapes/misc/cbpg/index.html 11 meter antenna for packet http://www.omnirep.ch/eh.html Friendly people here, though the packet stuff by and large isn't going to be much different than on HAM, someone will know a spot for you to check out specifics like antennas: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amateur_radio/
  17. How did it go? I wasn't able to come to this one, but I'd like to make next months.
  18. I've read cellphones can't play a sound in the 18-20kHz range. I don't know whether that is true or not. I saw this site this morning about high school kids using a tone adults can't hear due to unavoidable hearing loss that begins at age 20 called presbycusis. I did an experiment a moment ago using the tone in question. 1. I played it, I can't hear anything at all (I'm thirty) 2. I played it again, this time after waiting for a 22 year old co-worker to be about 5 feet away from the PC. 3. He knew nothing of what I was doing, and instantly got a wierd look on his face and went "What the hell is that noise?". 4. I called over everyone explaining what I read, only one person over 30 claimed to hear it. He said he didn't hear anything as much as feel like he was in an airplane though (pressure on the ear). So, let's see at what ages this seems to work, and from how far. Here is the deal, adults an tell that "something" is making "some kind of noise" from less than a couple feet away. So play the tone on the site, and go more than lets say 7 feet from the speaker. Teenagers can hear this from very far away I read, while adults from only less than a meter (yard). Creating alternate tones to find a sweet spot for teenagers would be cool. Check it out here.
  19. The old "I only happened to have this keylogger running by chance trick" ehh? I'm kidding bro. Congrats on the good work getting it back. I agree with everything you did but I think you should leave it at that. You have your stuff back, there's no use in you having to explain how you got all his docs. You win, you got your stuff, happy ending.
  20. Noobs are hardley to blame for usenet's current problems. A majority of the blame belongs to spammers, it gets annoying sifting through a bunch of spam posts just to find any real conversation. The rest of the blame belongs to web forums like binrev. Forums just simplify the whole process. You don't have to download anything and posts are instantly uploaded, making everything much more efficient. It all started with BBS's. But soon enough Usenet stole it's thunder, now web forums are doing the same thing to Usenet. A lot of good points there, but I'm really not sure what you mean by web forums like this one affecting Usenet. Especially since AOL cut access, and if Google groups would never have granted it. I agree though, spam is it's largest problem, by far. I just meant that keeping a "lid on" usenet is futile. It's too well known. It isn't like some thing no one ever heard of, particularly spammers.
  21. It's pretty odd someone would think you can keep a lid on Usenet. It's so old, so commonly used, and has been overrun three times by huge influxes of "noobs" that any post on Binrev, or word of mouth every single person on the forum here could do en masse would have comparatively no effect at all. September never ended.
  22. In order of use, not power, I would have to say I use gedit, nano, vim
  23. Hmm, yeah I just checked and I can't find an invite section either. :\ You can request an account though, I don't know if they are going to just send you a login right away or leave you in limbo though. http://www.grandcentral.com/home/reserve
  24. I believe it is the second, but don't hold me to that. Yeah though, there is a good rundown on underground scene history, a good UPnP article, and a fascinating article on artificial consciousness. They stood out for me, YMMV. I think the julia@winstonsmith (olol) article featuring a rundown on Elettera was written by someone who isn't a native English speaker, but it's a good one too.
  25. I wrote this years ago. It's all still current though obviously as far as IPv4 goes. It should help you out, though antimodes quick fix can get you there this time for sure. This might help for next time, as a starting point for understanding subnetting better. http://www.docdroppers.org/wiki/index.php?...p;printable=yes