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  1. Here she is. An undergound zine about hacking, cracking, carding, online rights, social engineering, trashing, phreaking, and anything else underground!
  2. Ok, here is what you do. Post the registration #s, password, aol version, and where you got it if possible. Here are a few to start you guys off: 7J-7193-5396 CURLS-GUIDED Office Depot AOL 9.0 (office depot) --------------- 7H-JXFD-X469 TRAILS-GALLOP AOL 9.0 (office depot)
  3. Let's vote for binrev: (click the button)
  4. Ok folks, here she is. The third technical release phile from the contingency. This has been delayed, but for good reason. .: The Contingency :. .: Technical Release Phile III :. .: May 2005 :. .:---------------------------------------:. .: Member and Bio Updates :. .: Corrections, follow-ups etc. :. .: The Art of Spyware Removal :. .: Ads and Classifieds :. .: Mirror Updates :. .: Project Updates :. .: Hacking the TI-83plus :. .: The New Website :. .: Stopping Privoxy: Modest Proposal :. .: Hacking 8E6 Web Filtering :. .: HACKER NEWS WIRE *833P* *833P* :. .: H4X0R1NG T3H :. .: CORRESPONDANCE :. .: Conclusion :. .: The Day The Data Stopped :. .:---------------------------------------:. That's right, you read it: Hacking We found some interesting things about them you might want to know. Please send letters, comments, article submissions, flames, love letters, etc. to: We dropped the docs on royal carribean. We dropped the docs on the Dept. Of Revenue and we are about to drop the docs on the god of hacking, the pinnacle of knowledge: 2600 Here she is: soon to be available at our fine mirrors: comments appreciated bracket.... OUT!
  5. for the test account I gave the password for, only log in. No mail, please. Send mail to the other account
  6. He was the new member, and quite frankly, we had no other content to fill it in with. The final release phile (number 4) is available here:
  7. dude, your article did suck. I had to e-mail it back to you to have you run spell-check on it. What's with this "10 minutes" thing.
  8. Just got a reply from gmail { Hello, Thanks for your report. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. For your security, we have temporarily disabled access to your account because our system detected abnormal usage. It will take between one minute and 24 hours for you to regain access to your account, depending on the behavior our system detected. Abnormal usage includes, but is not limited to: - Receiving, deleting, or popping out large amounts of mail in a short period of time - Sending mail to a large number of recipients in a short period of time - Using 3rd party file-sharing or storing software in your account - Logging in from multiple locations in a short period of time - Using your account for purposes other than email We appreciate your patience while we work to protect the security of Gmail users. Sincerely, The Gmail Team } This seems like a probable cause: Here, everybody login and SIGN OUT of this acccount: (especially tor users) password: thetestaccount
  9. I never said it was due to hacking, I said it might be. I am still unsure of what caused the problems... No response from google at this time.
  10. the names for the passwords correspond to the distributor (office max, wal-mart, etc.) That's how they collect the money for distributing AOL disks!
  11. this is also good for people who wish to remain anonymous so they just keep using new AOL pwds and skipping around which makes you almost anonymous. For those who are always on the move, this is very nice.
  12. I just think it is a fun project, and I would like to make a keygen for the AOL disks, just a project I'm engaging in.
  13. It's for people who want free aol. It really has no point but I think it's fun to see how many password we can come up with. Anyways... ya Here are some more: 7J-6404-1115 FLIES-POUR AOL 9.0 (office depot) --------------- 3H-JXPL-P552 SPINS-CUBE AOL 9.0 (office depot) I figure if I get enough of these I could make a keygen of sort..
  14. has anybody done any more research on the 2600 thing? Makes me think it's an external server/honeypot..
  15. just call an operator a a 1-800# and get them to forward you to extension 9 so you can make external calls
  16. There is a program called mailwasher that will give the sender a "fake" mail bounce message. Pretty sweet. (works with pop3, smtp, etc)
  17. has a good defacement archive
  18. I suggest posting to the discuss list run by: For more indy music rescources check out:
  19. Does anybody know of any free hacker-friendly web hosts? The site can start as low bandwith and space. (Subdomains are OK!) Would anybody be willing to host us? I don't have any money whatsoever to spend. I don't need a webmaster but people who host us will be able to be mods and things like that. The site would be the site for the contingency. I'm sure you have all heard of our work such as dropping the docs on royal carribean and the Colorado Dept. Of Revenue/Motor Vehicles. The site would mainly be for alerting our readers of new issues and providing links to banned files. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. there's nothing wrong with a monopoly. Microsoft played it smart, they should not be punished. Your just pissed off that your dwindling power-less *nix distros can not stand up to something with financial backing.
  21. god uses linux. chroot your ass wget the backdoor I don't think microsoft should be broken up. If anybody should be broken up, it it the government.
  22. I can't really because I am always on the move and can't have anything tied to my IP address so I would have to have a TOR hidden service which would be slow as hell.
  23. has some music archives bearshare has an artists promotion thing.. don't remember the IP but you can get the magnet links from
  24. They have made some changes for the 05 issues. Funny thing, they didn't have it at borders last night .
  25. Sign this petition: Here is what you are signing: Once you sign the petition please make a post below saying you did.