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  1. right man and those who are for the copyright and laws better ask themselves twice i am mostly suspicious on somebody who says this is the right thing - the right for who ? i can trust better somebody admitting he is doing it for his own interest firstly and mostly
  2. that's again mac filtering isn't it?
  3. I don't agree with you but i will defend - even with my life - your right to express freely your opinion as a free person... Voltaire
  4. I was ironically referring to the judge of course... I have respect for peoples' computer skills around here but let us not become naive... The rights to whatever material DO NOT belong to corporate media : they belong to the people who created and performed them... of course corporate media are required for that material to reach the masses no doubt about that... although we all feel that could change one day... The average person who uses internet as a means to get copyrighted material for free somehow feels that... they feel that those people who worked in those movies and music actually offered their work to the world in the first place... They know it is their offer to humanity somehow... they also know that no one can deprive a man of his right to communicate with another human being - that is how essential it is - that is how simple this is... And then come the corporate media as an intermediate : and people know it, feel it - there may not be necessary... people in the end can do without them... And that is what they do when they use internet to communicate with one another - and no one has the right to stop that - it is as basic as the right to live - it is as fundamental as the Constitution...
  5. that is right it would be interesting to learn how this case came to court in the first place. maybe a swedish judge had a vision in his sleep and woke up one morning thinking - "this pirate thing" must stop - i will put these scums to jail
  6. you just cannot be serious about that any sensible person can see it is the opposite then you refer to an ideal situation when people would not have the need for those products that is true but very distant There is an issue of greater impact than "file sharing" and that is political reality... or definition of justice and law... From that aspect it is quite understandable ( but not just though ) why these particular judges in this place of the world acted like that... What do you suppose them to say to corporate media ? no these guys have done no wrong in admitting what the whole world wants to deny. for a better understanding of how "justice" as an institution misses justice you can see the film of another scandinavian - Dancer in the dark - Lars von Trier
  7. As most of you know from that 300 film, the persian empire would come and ask for "soil and water" from their conquered subordinates... And would never stop it... Until some crazy people refused...
  8. Sure... it has nothing to do with swedes bowing to american imperialism - bad guys should go to jail - thank god almighty there are courts around the earth to enforce law and justice or alas we would be doomed to chaos... sure yeah great... Anybody heard about that ancient guy who stole the fire from gods and gave it to ordinary people ?
  9. i downloaded that one that comes as 80mb and unzips at around 2g ! is that for every purpose or just for wpa
  10. make your suggestions and provide any links you like
  11. I need someone to teach me how i a site can be easily hacked- i assume there are many in this included so just make your contribution
  12. these are really good skills - maybe you should teach somebody
  13. You should use the dns spoof plugin and direct him to straight pr0n. God dammit, show him the light! As for stories: My dad was having an msn conversation with someone. I decided to interject and change a few messages on both the receiving and sending end. It made for one hell of a funny time reading each other's responses. I just laughed so hard when the person on the other side said to my dad, "Are you drunk!!?" I should probably do this to my neighbours instead of my dad. I'll feel less guilty. thanks man that was a really amusing story- i could too laugh hard no man no your neighbor's - if you want to do it to your dad is better and healthier
  14. You shouldn't feel like an ass. someone help this poor fella
  15. I was thinking the same thing, and women definitely do have an upper hand in cases like these. But the reasons are twofold. Yes, some people are probably more eager to help a damsel in distress, but on the other hand, if you look at a random sampling of unknown people asking for help on these forums, most of them are talking about pwning people, doing something semi-legal or they ask super vague questions and give zero detail. Siren managed to ask the question the correct way, give all the related background info, and was very thankful to people that help her, etc. Those would probably be more important reasons as to why she is getting good help from the members here. your skills may be good but the thing is how you use them you can be expert in something but if you are a nubie in life that is you let others / and / or your passions and weakness manipulate you see what i mean