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  1. Does anyone know if there is a website that has a written tutorial on how to crack wpa ccmp? Also is there a website that has a written tutorial on how to crack 802.11X ? One more thing... to crack wpa psk is there a way to crack it without a connected client? Thanks, Dane
  2. Hello, Can someone please give me the commmands to add a dictionary to the root folder on backtrack 3. I have a usb 128 mb pendrive and the file name is wordlist.txt There is nothing else on this usb pendrive. I have been trying this command but it will not work cp /mnt/sbd1/wordlist.txt /root Thanks, Dane
  3. Thanks for the reply. This really isnt for me but for a friend who doesnt want to pay for high-speed internet. There is 2 great connections as well as 10 other not so great connections and they are all locked up with wep or wpa. I have tried using the backtrack 3 on the wpa's but i couldnt get a handshake but one time and then the dictionary was so small that it didnt find the password. I then downloaded a 107 mb. dictionary on to a usb pen drive but i couldnt figure out how to paste it into the root folder so that i could use the dictionary. I tried using cd /mnt/media/sbd1/ root but that command didnt work to put the dictionary on the root folder. I tried all the commands that i could think of but i am a nubie at all this and so i dont know the right command to do that. Can you please tell me what command to use to put the dictionary on the root folder. I am using a backtrack 3 live cd and a usb pendrive as well as a netgear 311 wpn wireless card. The card is supported. I have read and printed out so many differant versions of how to use backtrack for cracking wpa and wep and it seems that no matter how hard i try i just get know where. I just guess i am doing it wrong. So if any body can give me command to put the dictionary onto the root then that would be helpfull. Also if anyone knows the simplest way to crack wpa please post the commands so that i can understand them. My wirelees card registers wifi0 and ath0 as its parent when i start airmon-ng. When it starts it says monitored mode enabled so i know its not the card. so i need the commands using ath0. I would greatly appreciate any help. thanks. Dane
  4. Hello, I have been using commview for wifi for over a week trying to crack my own wep. when I first start the scan and run it I see that a bunch of MGMT packets are coming in and I have collected these with out much ivs in them. I collected over 2 million of them and when i use aircrack-ng to get the code it always fails. I see on one of the post that someone installed some plugins for commview for wifi ( WEPKR And WAPKR plugins). I am wondering if this is my problem. I have even tried backtrack 3 without any success. I have let it run (commview) for 24 hours and I only got 38,000 ivs. Of course thats not enough to crack it. Could you please tell me what settings i need to make on commview to make this thing work. I need a complete walkthru if that is possible. Do I need to collect data, management and control packets? I really need some help here and I would be very grateful. I am at a loss. I have searched the internet for 10 days straight and none of the things or tutorial seem to work for me. I am using a netgear WPN 311 wireless rangemax pci card and its suppose to be completly compatable and i have installed the correct commview for wifi drivers. Thanks. Dane